Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Welcome February.

I won't be getting any bouquets for Valentine's Day so I thought I'd give myself some roses.
Goodbye to January, a month that didn't do much for my peace of mind or my blood glucose levels.
We lost a few at the Home too.  Dear Angela just went to sleep and forgot to wake up so now mum doesn't have to watch a hand creep up to gently remove her shawl. Angela rather liked mum's shawl.  Another resident is 50/50 at the Alfred at the moment.  And the escapee made two more attempts.  This time my sister saw him wander past the window and did a double take when she saw him a few seconds later haring up the street.  The man can barely stand up without falling over but give him a go at a fence and he's a nag going for the Grand National. 
A group of us took mum out to The Bridge Hotel or Doyle's which ever century you were born in. The special of the day was Burramundi but overpriced and overcooked, I should have gone for the flathead tails in beer batter. The desserts, on the other hand, were delicious. I used my new digital camera and took a ravishing shot of my double chocolate mousse cake. Unfortunately it was the day after Australia Day and the place was packed, noisy with kids but a beaut view of Mordialloc creek. Mum was very tired and was asleep before 6 and didn't wake all night.
Have I announced I'm going to be a great aunt?  I thought I'd stay away from that subject, blood pressure isn't the best in summer.  Have they found a place to live, don't know. Has he found a full time job to provide for the baby, don't know.  Are they taking this seriously, don't know. Keep in mind that they are 30 and 39 years old and still can't manage life.  So he is still living here, she is still with her parents and nothing is happening except a life is growing.  June 1st is the deadline when everything in this house that is his including the crap in the carport, every bolt, screw and spanner has to be gone. Yes, I know it was a shock but deal with it Kiddo and give me back my solitary life. No baby sitting, absolutely no baby sitting and to my sister, no, I won't be lonely so if you turn up here with a kitten I'll deck you.
In 7 days time my granddaughter will be 20 years old.  I have not seen her for three years and have had just 3 photographs of her. The youngest has turned 18 and I haven't heard if she made the grade for university. After all these years I still loathe their mother even if I do understand her nature but she still reigns as Queen Bitch of the Universe.
So BGL is crap, blood pressure is crap, emotionally I'm crap, Achilles tendon is crap, knees are both crap, spine is crap, swollen left leg is crap. Yes, January 2012 was not a great month.
February might be better, it only has 29 days.


Marshall Stacks said...

I love your hugely positive attitude dear JT - if you could retail it you would be rich.
Surely it hasn't been 3 years since you saw the gorgeous girls? damn.
Your BGL is crap because you hit it with the double mousse cake FFS.

beautiful flowers- hold that thought.

The Elephant's Child said...

January hasn't been a heap of fun in this neck of the woods either. You are right, Feb can only improve. You know that I am just hanging out for the post when you have decked your sister. Coward that I am it might be the impetus I need to address the pretentious twit that is my middle brother. Sigh. I hope all those numbers improve.

The Elephant's Child said...

PS: The great-auntdom sounds scary. Ground rules need to be set in the blood of someone other than yourself.

River said...

Oh JahTeh, I wish I could come and hug you. Such a lot is happening for you right now. But you're right, February is shorter, less scope for more wrong.
And where is the photo of the double mousse cake?? Hmm??

When I die, I want to go like Angela, just fall asleep and not wake up. It has to be the most peaceful and painless way. But I want to be much older. I want to see my grandchildren have children.

Kath Lockett said...

Oh ...... sounds like January was just a bucket load of crapulence, so now I feel a bit guilty for cackling over this sentence:
'The man can barely stand up without falling over but give him a go at a fence and he's a nag going for the Grand National.'

Here's to a happier February.

JahTeh said...

Stacks, the cake was a delight, not heavy enough to weigh me down and I wasn't as bad as Mellie who had the mousse cake as a main and a fruit custard tart as dessert. And to top it off she is as tiny as a fairy, damn it.

EC, I don't know why people will think I'll be lonely when I'll only be solitary. The last time she conned me into having a lost kitten, it was on the verge of dying and cost nearly a grand for the vet.

River, that cake is the best photo I've taken so far. I only have to work out how to get it on the computer. The hot weather has shorted out brain function.

Kath, there's a new resident who is telling all who'll listen that he is a sex maniac and will jump on anything.
Wrong, he'll jump over anything. He isn't tall and hides behind the pot plant in the foyer just waiting for someone to open the front door and he's off.