Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here he is, at last.

First photo with his eyes open and still looking a bit worried about this whole new world .
That's Dad's thumb holding those little feet.

I had a real walk through my life yesterday when Sister rang to ask if I had photos of her with the BOH when he was born. Two hours later I'd been through all of mum's photos and retrieved a load to go to a new generation.  Photos included several of his beloved cat and numerous shots of various cars he's owned over the years.  I included one photo of my son with his first daughter at almost the same age as this little fella and he has the same besotted look although 20 years separate the two births.

I also found a card sent to his grandmother from my son and I don't remember it at all but I did carefully put it away. He never bought a card without finding one with the right words and these are so lovely, I've told Mum they're going in her eulogy.

It's always a bad idea to go through photos especially before another birthday.  The days when I had hair so long I could sit on it.  And I was not that big, but enough for my in-laws to drive me crazy with tips on dieting. A compulsive eater should always ask, "Who are you eating at?" and it was always them.  I would eat like a bird when I visited and drive through Macca's on the way home. 

And there's been a sighting of my ex and the blonde. He's balding, she's just fat, and they're both still obnoxious. How Lovely!


River said...

Such a worried little face. Believe me Cain, the world is quite a nice place to be, you'll be fine.

Isn't it amazing just how tiny newborn feet are? I remember buying the smallest possible socks that I could find and they were still too big on my grand daughters feet 18 years ago.

Jayne said...

What a sweet little man!
Itty bitty teeny tiny tootsies, so delicate and dear...yet they morph into smelly things in teen years.

Kath Lockett said...

Hubby still gets teary when he sees Sapphire's baby photos and always remarks on how she fit neatly into both of his hands.

I hope that Dad, Mum and bubs get their home and lives sorted so that you can also get on with yours.

The Elephant's Child said...

I'm with River. Such a worried face to present to the world. I love his hair - and there is something about baby feet that gets me where I live every time.
And I love that your ex and his blonde as still obnoxious. The more things change...

R.H. said...

Man that is a cute little baby!
Koochie Koochie, where's my little kissy!

JahTeh said...

River, I can't remember back that far but I do remember every bitch nurse in the maternity ward.

Jayne, first thing he said to me was "I hope he doesn't inherit my stinking feet" but that was his work, chemicals going through his body all the time. We eventually tried those Chinese foot patches that draw out impurities and they worked a treat.

Kath, they're getting themselves sorted and as soon as he's certain mother and baby are doing well, they'll be looking for a place to live. Not too long I hope as I'm still wandering round all the furniture that's going with them.

EC, he rushed up to this friend and threw his arms around her as though they'd been buddies for years. He has no idea that she knows everything about him and his dear wifie.

Rochester, be careful or you'll lose your rep as a cultivated cynic.

Middle Child said...

a beautiful little soul... hope you are okay