Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What a night!

I didn't have a good night, leg cramps and sore back had me up several times for ice packs, the last at 3.30.  By this time I was so tired I didn't think anything would wake me.  Wrong!  That clap of thunder with lightning that lit up the house woke me and nearly gave me a heart attack.
Usually I watch the show through my bedroom window but not when it feels like it's in the bedroom.  I read that one house in Melbourne was struck by lightning and burned down. I was glad that all electrical items were turned off. I haven't forgotten how the computer was fried last time lightning was this close.

I can't believe that the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn caused so much pain but it was my fault for walking so far and not resting the old bones.  Then of course there was the visit to the Home and the lunacy is ramping up for the full moon on Thursday.  Yesterday didn't bode well for the Volunteers afternoon tea on Wednesday but I don't have to be there until 2 o'clock and if I'm lucky I'll be out by 3.30.  That sentence looks strange but even my fingers are exhausted.

The little table is fixed and back by the bed. The BOH and the little mother called in on Sunday with the sprog and I had a fixing list ready.  The smartie screwed the screw into the column then fitted the base onto the screw and twisted. I was doing it arseabout.  The line is now re-wired so I can hang out the washing.  The light fixture in the sewing room is another matter. He managed to put in two new globes but tells me that the fittings of the other 3 globes have broken off in the holders.  Considering when he arrived all five globes were working well, I'm a bit puzzled about this. If the metal bases are there, where did the glass go?  Maybe it needs a more delicate touch but at least I have two globes for light.

The little sprog is delightful.  And who would have thought that someone who couldn't clean a plate would take to looking after a baby so well.  And the BOH handles him like one of his precious engines and the baby loves him.  Maybe he had to wait until he turned 40 to be the right age for fathering.  Certainly my ex never got the hang of it, ever.

Fabrics still litter the lounge floor but now I have separated them into dress, nightdress and quilts and they are packed ready to be put in the right place.  I'm even ready to haul another two boxes out of the hallway but now I'm going back to bed with a book and a cup of tea.

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