Friday, May 12, 2017

It was all go this morning

Groceries were supposed to arrive between 8 and 11 so I was up at 7.  Doing all the lovely stuff on the computer that I used to run around doing.  Always check the Book Depository bargains and today we have a winner.  I have had a book on my wishlist for so long but could not justify the $139 it was priced at but I kept it there to look at.  150 years of Wartski's by Geoffrey Munn and 200 photographs, a lot of the socialites and royalty wearing the jewells.  I've bought books before with not enough photos and very wordy almost text book about jewellery but I thought I couldn't go wrong with Geoffrey. The lovely man who almost shakes out of his shoes when he gets a shinning jewell on the Roadshow.  It was reduced to $80, this is the moment a credit card shines so I bought.

By this time it was no good getting in the shower so breakfast instead.  Knock on door, nbn has arrived but only to put the box on the outside.  Another crew will turn up at some time and put the box on the inside.  No shower.  Groceries turn up and I am furious that for the second time they have run out of potatoes which means going out and carting home the heavy things. 
nbn crew are still on the roof, no shower.
Another fluoro vest goes past, I'm expecting mail, he's going too fast to drop off mail.  Fluoro does a u-turn down the drive and drops two parcels at the door and I find another in the mail box this afternoon and he doesn't shut the gate.  No shower yet.  nbn crew move along and I close my eyes for a moment after ringing mother and wake up at midday with the usual drool down my chin and a parched throat like the Gobi desert.  At least I try to wake up, it takes a while and I still haven't showered.  There's plenty of time to do that and get to Southland but I stand up and the world turns.
I feel like someone has punched me on the cheekbone, there is a pain in my forehead so I decide to sit down again.

Too much rushing around this morning, not enough sleep last night (full moon) and I am sitting here waiting to have a shower and wash my hair to go out tomorrow.  I think I'm just about steady enough if I move carefully.  The cat is waiting for his bowl, the eyes are boring into my back. 

Apart from the sinus whatever and the after affects of Prednisolone I am still shaking and anxious.  I should know by now that having anything to do with granddaughters also means the ex daughter in law.  One should forgive and forget, I don't, I forget entirely the fact that she still lives until something happy comes up and she is there.  I know too much about her to forgive, it's easier to forget and most of the time I can.  A lot of friends have gone from my life, moved on or upwards and I no longer think of them but she is personal.  She is a toad under a rock, in her mind she has turned her life around and now bathes in the love of God, such a hypocrite.  I bet the Devil is happy, she won't be sitting at his right hand.  That felt good, nothing like a bit of bile and bitterness thrown at someone who doesn't know it.  I'm still shaking but a hot shower is on the way.  Funny thing is, I don't hate the bitch, she lost far more than I did, I just don't want to acknowledge she exists.

Hot shower and hair wash, if you don't hear from me, send the Ambos around to pick me up off the tiles.


River said...

I was thinking I'd never spend that much on a book, but then I thought if it was a book with architecture and plans and houses up on cliffs overlooking the ocean, I'd buy that for sure.
I have people in my life that I prefer to forget about too, 'nuff said about that.
Now, how long should I wait to hear from you, before I ring the ambos? couple of days? A week or fortnight? Have you got enough food scattered around the floor within easy reach?

Elephant's Child said...

I also have a few people I would like to forget. And mostly can. Until they force themselves into my consciousness again.
I hope tomorrow (and all the ones to come) are much gentler.

Ann ODyne said...

darling Coppy, good investment, and cheaper than psychotherapy. all the unpleasant stuff will just disappear when you
sink into a chair to sit with the gorgeous book of gorgeous jewellery things.

The poor NBN guys. they must get a lot of abuse that should be directed at our PM

in other news, I have I hope, disentangled myself from Google+, which I only joined to enjoy The Cats Of Google+, and now, bloggers who are not on Google[frkn]+ can comment on my old shoes at Worn Out

R.H. said...

It's me, poor RH, writing in the style of that great Liberace of Australian Letters, Mr Hal Porter. I'm standing with my dog on a leash in the main street of a town
full of dark empty shops. An entire town gone bankrupt. What's worse is not every shop is empty, some have ridiculous things in the windows: hideous paintings or worthless ornaments.
A few doors down from me a chemist shop is open, it's the only life, apart from me and the dog. Then just as it's getting dark, rain comes down, in a burg where I'm told it never rains. Well that does it!- I'm devastated. Euphoric. I'm rejoicing. Failure is complete.
Darlings, I've reached my home.

Artist and Historian.

R.H. said...

Well that's in terrible shape but I'm out of practise. Big thing, post something.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I was thinking about you because I had to dust the ties and make sure spiders weren't living in them. I hope you are writing that history book about old Melbourne, best seller it will be.

Panharith said...

I also have a few people I would like to forget. And mostly can.

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