Sunday, June 11, 2017

Almost normal

I can't believe how long it is since I had enough energy to blog.
Most of May is a blank and you will be pleased about that since I contracted a vile bacterial infection that laid me flat on my back for nearly two weeks.
I know I've said some crappy things about my sister over the years but when she knew what I was going through, she arrived with face mask, rubber gloves and starting washing the unspeakable towells that were in the bath. She even washed the dishes and vac'd the carpet. I don't think I've ever been so glad to see her before.

Three home visits from Doc Marvin and his offsider and the right medication and I started to recover and this morning I walked to the shop for my first coffee in over a month.  Coffee is the first thing I go off when I'm crook.  But parched and trying to eat to take pills, a mouthful of ice cold lemonade is divine.

In the middle of all this the nbn shows up again.  And Optusnet is lucky it shuts down for the weekend.  After 5 calls this week I could not stand another imbecile to hate and want to punch. I now have internet, mobile but no landlines, I don't even know if the mobile is wifi or still pre-paid.
The nbn 2nd moron without telling me moved the connection outside next to my bedroom. The nbn 3rd had a brain and asked me was that where I wanted it, no, two windows down next to my study where the bloody computer is.  He was good, even put back the loose tiles for me, did something he wasn't supposed to but I did look like death and connected the nbn thingy.  All this after I'd dragged so much out of the sewing room so the guy could get to the corner which they never used.  The study, I didn't touch so this poor bloke had to crawl through the shredding carpet, dust and rubbish to put in the whatever.  The saga is continuing and I have some Optus piece of crud coming out next Friday to make sure everything is set. I will hide the geologist's pick and the hammer.

Next on the list was the specialist for sinus.  I had to dye my hair,  it had turned white while I was ill but still had some red on the tips.  I looked like a cockatoo.  I had been too weak to shower and was washing in the bathroom basin but I needed a shower.  I had everything ready including a chair to sit on while I dried off.  Carefully into the shower, wash dye out of hair, wash legs while I'm bending over because standing up makes me woozy but a sort of bang made me stand up quickly as the hot water tap sprayed boiling water everywhere.  Fortunately I don't have a fixed shower head and banged the arm down to the wall and I'm stuck in the corner.  After edging my way out and standing in the cold I still manage to wash.  After that I rang SE water faults and the girl asked if that noise was the water running, Niagra Falls was still going.  Could I go outside and turn off the water, no.
Do you have a plumber, no.  I've always called them for plumbers involving loads of water so she had one in the area. He arrived, 20 minutes later the disintegrated washer in the tap was fixed and so was my $105.00.

Next day, cold and I never realized how far away North Road Brighton was as I watched the taxi fare climb.  Half hour in a freezing cold (oh how I hate polished board floors) waiting room and slightly more than half an hour, consultation and camera up my nose (no, I didn't want to watch a movie of the inside of my nose) no cancer or tumour , deviated septum and he lost interest in operating when I let him know I didn't have medibank Private.  Out I go to the desk where I'm presented with a $335.00 account, oh yes he bulkbills after you pay, thank goodness for credit cards, done and I got a refund in the bank before I was home.  Raining now, taxi at least knew where he was going and another fist full of notes disappeared.

I don't know the results yet because I'm still saving for my doctor.  Mick the mower beat him to the last of my savings.  And there is still two pairs of glasses to be picked up, $200 each but I had money back on those because it was only lens.

And just to edge me closer to breakdown, I have Annie O'Dyne driving around Melbourne from up bush and Antikva telling me she wasn't well and me yelling get to the hospital and by the time she took notice, she had to be operated on. Thank God we live at opposite ends of the state or we'd probably kill each other.   Mother is fine, thanks for not asking.  She got such a shock at how I looked, pre hair renovation, that she insisted I stay home and just ring her.  Of course I don't have a landline, thanks Optus, thanks Malcolm Turnbull, you cretinous moron.


Elephant's Child said...

What an absolute horror month.
I am so glad (and super impressed) you survived. And hope that your first coffee tasted amazing.

River said...

Here is what I read in my paper this morning re NBN:
full article quote, caps are mine:

"I am still being bombarded by complaints about the NBN after a recent item, particularly from older people who just want their phone, not the internet. There is genuine alarm about landlines being cut off without warning and CareAlert bracelets not functioning. Just want to keep a landline? The NBN website says: "TO KEEP USING A FIXED-LINE HOMEPHONE AND INTERNET, YOU WILL NEED TO MOVE THOSE SERVICES TO THE NBN NETWORK. MOVING TO THE NETWORK IS NOT AUTOMATIC AND THE FOLLOWING SERVICES WILL BE PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED IF YOU DO NOT ARRANGE TO MOVE THEM TO THE NETWORK BEFORE THE ADVISED DATE - Telstra Home/landline phone services.
Perhaps the NBN monopoly should focus on customer service instead of expensive TV commercials with smug teens telling us how they own the future."

so there it is, if you want to keep the landline, you need to tell your provider, Telstra or whoever, to transfer the phone to the NBN network. In my opinion, they should do that automatically instead of worrying so many people half to death.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a horrible month, but glad to hear your sister stepped up to help you. And your mum saying just phone instead of coming in? That's the best news.
Rotten luck about the shower going berserk like that. Crossed fingers for a lotto win, okay?

Davoh said...

Depends on the definition of 'normal' ... heh.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I barely remember May and I haven't written in my diary but I have kept the medication packets so I can try to go backwards and remember. The shock was losing 10kgs but that would only be fluid and I haven't been game to get on the scales again.

River, I've had so much information from nbn and Optus it's impossible to sort it all out. And every person I've rung on the help line has given me different information. When I was sick all I had to do was reach over to the bedside table, grab the landline phone to ring without having to charge it, fiddle with opening it, find the number and ring. I still can't answer it properly and I can't see it without taking off my distance glasses and put on reading glasses. I've even had an email telling me that my old phone number is ready to go, how I wish I did have my old Nokia but the point being that 2g is no longer supported so why the email.

Davoh, when was anything this government thought of doing considered normal. They are now pulling Get-Up into the political donations fight but if they are worrried about that then the public must be doing something right.
Still dry up country or are you putting pontoons around the van?

Ann ODyne said...

TEN bloody kilos !!!!!!!!! OMG that is so fabulous. keep on doing what you were doing.
but what a damnation that shower eisode was. bravo for coming through it without any News Flash result.
Thank you RIVER for that NBN propaganda. however do rally elerly people cope with all this crap.
my telstra dongle is getting hopeless reception and I am logging off next.
hate hate hate.
(but love to youse all)

Ann ODyne said...

those tpyos EPISODE REALLY ELDERLY because NEW Laptop
combined with hopeless telstra, the keystrokes occur 20 seconds after being made.

R.H. said...

How awful. My only problem is mice, in a zombie town that won't accept death. My dogs go outside for a shit but mice just shit everywhere.

Robert. OAM.

Davoh said...

NORMAL is a pejorative word.
Cheers and Best wishes,

Davoh said...

RH .... after about 30 days of tipping about 20 mice into Ye Olde 'slippery neck beer bottle and bucket trick' the mice here have diminished. None in the bucket for three days now.

R.H. said...

Davo I don’t know what you’re saying (as usual) but thanks for the effort. Unfortunately the mice consider it their house. They run along the picture rails, the window sills, and even climb up on the table while I’m sitting there. They are audacious, cheeky, stupendously arrogant. But I don’t like killing things so I got a trap that catches them live. The next morning there were four inside it. I released them near the local motel and they ran straight for it, which gave me a laugh. (My pal Mad Geoff was staying here at the time and asked if they had their suitcases with them). Today while wandering the streets off this bankrupt town I passed through the little carpark where months ago I saw Mad Geoff off to Melbourne. He got on the bus before daybreak and as it started off I looked for him at the windows. It was too dark to see but I knew he’d be laughing, at me, himself, the entire world. Well it’s not that I miss him or will never see him again, it’s just that this will never happen again in exactly the same way. It's done.

Big woman please post something.

Ann ODyne said...

Wishing you a warm,
and self-indulgent day
to celebrate your birthday dear Copperwitch
and I hope there were many other parcels with the fragrant one from me
and that you knock over a Bombay Blue while opening everything
x x x

R.H. said...

Hi. Wanting it Known I thupport thame thex marreth.

Leaving this town, too depressing for a depressive like me. All I ever wanted from life is a mansion full of dancing girls. The closest I've ever got is ogling women in big Coles supermarkets. In this town there's only a little IGA, high prices and no pretty faces.
Really, what a ripoff.

JahTeh said...

Thanks for comments, I will be back soon. Just had two deaths in the family, both younger than me, not mother though, still going.

R.H. said...

Hi all. As an artist you become a bit of a poofter, you can't avoid it. Well you can't avoid the general perception. Because my joint is full of arty objects my daughter's boyfriend who is an uncouth Arab has decided I am definitely a poof. He called me a pervert but he meant poof. How's that!

Well I know how he'll be voting in the poof marriage wrangle!

-Robert. MBBS.

R.H. said...

Dawn breaks over this bankrupt town (OH my goodness!) trees dance, run around the horizon. What a burg, rusted roofs, rotted weatherboards, dirty shop windows....items inside, been there for years, never reaching the extent of their tattiness. And IGA, Chemist shop, Bendigo Bank in a flat broke town. World War One destroyed this burg. I like to think so. To feel sympathy for it.

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