Monday, January 20, 2020

Rain, Hail, Dust darkness and Locusts in Africa.

Look what thoughts and prayers have brought us, Armageddon, thanks scooter you creep.
So we must have an antidote to Canberra's Liberals and this is it.  Even by itself, it's a divine opal and I would have like just a plain diamond surround but lovely that the gems have picked up all the colours of the opal.  When you look at your hand you can get an idea of how big that gem is. Luscious.  

 Not only am I addicted to renovation shows but "prospectors" gets me in with the joy of digging out a large piece of aquamarine or like the other night, a bi-colour Topaz. It has nothing to do with this object and I want it badly and I know River will want it and Elephant's Child will want it.  It's a revolving garden sphere, sun shining too much just move it a little around to the shade. Room for the Gin tray, laptop, afternoon tea with cakes.  Seat looks a bit hard, throw another cushion in.  Lovely light for twilight time reading.  Winter, you say well just a stone's throw away would be a nice fire pit to throw a bit of warmth. I haven't quite worked out if the table goes up and down to accommodate our various sizes but I think it's neat.  I have just the place for it.

Make this big and it is.  My sister's latest painting and those eyes are really sharp and on point. I'm not fond of dogs, too easy to fall over but I wouldn't want those eyes staring at me for too long. She's getting on well with the painting but is finding out what humidity feels like up north.  I'm going those dogs are really spooking me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Post Blue Skies because we haven't any

I've really decided that this is the house for me. Natural light coming in all those windows and I just adore the tiny balcony at the top where my workroom is. Stairs, you ask, glass elevator will be installed. I love all the French Doors.

The kitchen, loving the pale green, hate the blind, changing that for heavy lace. It's a bit small so imagine it stretched across towards the Butler's Pantry on the right of the block.
Two minds about the Farm Sink, it can chip, it can be scratched and it does discolour with time.

And the sea view from the bedroom balcony.
Guests are welcome meaning you lot.
Bring your own booze.
Satin Pillow cases for the ladies.
Chaff bag for Highriser.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Smoke is bad, fire is bad, LNP indiscribable.

I'm starting early this year for my usual birthday wish list. I've cut it down to about 20 good things starting with this.  Even though it's my birthstone, I'm not over gushy about rubies but I could manage to thank you all for this necklace.  For one, I like the cut of the rubies and they don't overwhelm the diamonds, two I like tassels, they sit nicely between the boobs and hide wrinkles.  And I adore deep red velvet dresses so start saving.

I am away from fires to retain sanity but the smoke lingers. I have lung rot again, nothing but coughing every time I put my head outside the door.  So I have the upmost sympathy for River and Elephant's Child when ever I see what is happening in Canberra and Adelaide. I watched the news last night and cried when the lovely beekeeper man cried for his bees most of the hives having been destroyed.  Kangaroo Island has the only pure strain of Ligurian Bees so he cannot import any bees from anywhere in the world. But as Nature works, the little bodies provided food for starving native birds, enough blossoms were found for the remaining bees but the fires are still raging.  Canberra is unbelievable, almost invisible in the smoke and all the hot air in Parliament will not blow it away. 

I hope you both are staying inside with the cats.  Mine has not left the couch since it arrived except for a quick run outside and last night he was rained on. He sat on my knee waiting to dry off then went back to the couch. 
I would post more photos of him but microsoftgoogleapple have all told me I need an app to download photos from my camera or phone. I've tried all but they've said I must upgrade computer and I'm not in the mood to fiddle with with 10 or whatever it is now.
I lost too much time with mother to keep up with technology, maybe next life.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Our Country is burning to death

Not a photo of Mallacoota last night but another beach in NSW.  Mallacoota was like Hell described in some two thousand year old book that we are supposed to live our lives by in this age.

The people in Mallacoota were told to go to the beach and when the siren went off, go in the water with their bodies against the breakwater to stop the radiant heat from the flames burning them.  The small boat with two boys and their mother on the water went around the world on the front of newspapers and television screens. 

I could only imagine what it was like.  What would I do? I don't drive, it was so dark from the smoke no-one could see.  All I would do was grab a woollen blanket, thick shoes, put the cat in his basket and load water for us both on my walker and try for the beach. I'd would have hoped not to hear that siren, not to have to try and stand in water holding a terrified cat.  But watching people help each other and a ring of firefighters holding back flames, I cried, sitting in my chair away from that hell.

Most of you know I had a boy who died.  All he ever wanted to be was a forest ranger, work in the bush, join the CFA, he was one with nature.  But last night I was almost glad he wasn't here because he would have been there, holding a hose but also saving every animal that came his way. I would have been looking for him in the smoke hoping for just a glimpse that he was still okay. I might even have seen him helping a lady with an old walker and carrying a fat white cat.
In all the years I don't think I cried as much for him as I did last night.  The cat and I just sitting together.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Year went very fast.

Mother on the left and twin sister on the right. Sister is still going but it's one year since Mother died.  All that stuff on the tray is still coming to light in my lounge, in boxes and purses, no money though. I opened one wash bag and found 4 bottles of glue. I have a basket with all the glue I found, she'd put it some where safe and not remember so she'd bribe a carer to get some more at the craft shop. I am still scrapping stick on beads off the bottom of my feet.  There must have been a bag that broke and the damn things have sifted themselves through the mile high landfill I still have.  Don't mind them sticking to the carpet but put my foot down and pain means getting out a ruler and running it over the soles of my feet.  I have now lost my 2020 diary in the middle of the mess and lost River's present but found Elephant's Child's gift.  Somehow it will all arrive in good time.

"Carolyn Petit is looking for work", tweeter, writer, editor and Feminist posted an article on reviewing, citing the reviews of Pauline Kael.  I recognized that name and I knew I had two of her books, but one is missing, my sister probably, a known non book returner. So I hauled it out to refresh myself since reading her review of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which she hated.  My book had her review of Indiana and the Temple of Doom which she loved. Since all the Indiana adventures have just been screened, they were still fresh in the mind.  She liked Temple of Doom for the comedy, she liked that Kate Capshaw wasn't some chick in distress but in good old 1930s vibe, she was a broad.
A broad who whined a lot, a money hungry broad but funny.  The whole review was illuminating and I wanted to watch it again through her eyes.  This was before the next film with Sean Connery and I would have loved her view of The Crystal skull. I think she would have shredded that to pieces, too much CGI. She showed up the humour and when I read that, I tried to think of one bit of real humour in the other Indiana movies. But she was right, Temple of Doom was the only really funny one of them all. Do I remember any funny bits, one came to mind immediately. Indy hates snakes and she had had an elephant driving her crazy with its trunk so sitting in the dark, clunk on her shoulder goes what she thinks is that damn trunk again. She pulls it off and throw it across the camp fire straight at Indy but it's a python and he's got it. Ok, perhaps you have to see the movie.  
I've still got the book out, it's the kind of book that you dip into, next up is Star Trek 111, the Search for Spock and then Independence Day.
On the back cover, it says: Indifferent to hype and received opinion, she is true to what she sees. Above all, she writes with the conviction of someone who cares about movies.
Can't wait to see what she writes about Rambo First Blood, 11 and 111. 

I'm sorry I'm not a child this Christmas, I would just love a Unicorn that poops glitter or if you twist the tail, poops a glitter twist. Revolting but only because it reminds me of the Liberal Party and its policies, all glitter and crap.