Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's been a blood moon mess

Virus, breakdown, Home saved for the moment, new desktop installed and not understood.
I've kept IE for the moment while I work out what is what and 8.1 has the start button back.
After sitting in front of the old machine wondering how my brain was going to fix anything, I picked up the keyboard to shake the crumbs out and underneath was a card from Chris advertising his expertise in all things computer. I remember getting this in the mail box ages ago and kept it in case.  He charges $100 an hour but stayed much longer than two hours fixing up what I wanted to keep and explaining what not to touch then he put the screen back to XP instead of buttons everywhere.
No, I still don't know what I'm doing but I am doing it faster.  And why didn't anyone mention that the dongle thing should be moved around to get a better and fast reception?  He also checked on who was using what around me to see if that would interfere with reception.
He asked what I did with my bookmarks and I showed him the email I'd sent to myself and that's when he gave up. I can understand that, when I printed it out it was 15 pages long. I'll go through and get rid of a few/lot but I have an ebay button on the desktop and internet banking is a go.
I'm still dealing with the colours, ghastly yellow on the header had to go and the scanner needs a new driver for 8.1 so I have to check with Canon for that.  The printer was not a problem, my dear old keyboard is still going but I might change it for the new one but the keys look so tiny.  And that's another thing, the desktop is a quarter of the size of the old one.
One more thing out of the way are the new vertical blinds. Fortunately the colour that I really wanted was one of only 3 on special. See how cunning they are, advertise big sale but only 3 colours.  The first words of that man's mouth was, "I see you have a cat." as stupid was sitting on the tv unit with his head through another new hole.
Computer bloke said he'd get rid of the box for me, too late the Ice Bear was already in it. Obviously not a cat person. He's bored with it now unless I put a hole in the top which will confuse him no end.

Hopefully I'm back for a while until the drugs stop working but at the moment I am zen calm.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Breakdown approaching at the speed of light

It has come to pass that I don't have the energy to tell you everything that has happened since the last post. Suffice to say that I am single handedly to blame for frustrating the efforts to keep the nursing home open, according to the poisonous little toad D.O.N.  All I wanted was to put Mum's name down on the ACAS list and with the placement officer so that when the time came I was ready to move her to a nursing home where she could have Doc Marvin.  I wasn't moving her the next day, that rumour went round like wildfire and then we have the lickspittle carers (not the good ones) telling Mum what a terrible place I was taking her to.  As though I wasn't acting under instructions from the old bag that I had to make sure she could have Doc Marvin.  As of this morning she's been told she can end up in a tent in Shitter's Ditch and I won't be visiting.   I think it might have been the stress that caused me to black out down the back steps, coming too, to find myself hanging on the branches of the apple tree. Funny feeling watching the sky turn purple then disappear into black but self preservation must have made me go for the tree instead of falling on my face.  After the last week, I'm calling that good luck.

This is me at the moment.  Volcanic rage encased in glass, hopefully for all concerned, not to be broken. I've seen a lot of paperweights but never with a volcano inside.
More good news. I have a new desktop which is so much more powerful than the dear old 2005 unit I'm using now.  Does anybody know a 10 year old kid who will set it up for me?  First take all images off the old one and go through emails and save all passwords.  It comes with IE 8.1 version. Anybody know if this is okay?   And I don't think that using the back up from 2005 will be enough for 2014. Instead of working with 1G of RAM, I'll have 4 and 1 Terrabyte of HDD, haven't a clue what that means.  I like a desktop  because if the flat screen monitor goes, I can get a new one and I have two keyboards which I change around to help the arthritis, seems to work. I may need a new mouse considering the beating this one has had lately. Nothing like smashing a mouse up and down to make a page load faster. And where I have it all set up I can cloud watch or moon watch through the window.  When I shut down, I walk away and with a laptop I don't think I could do that.  I'll be right as soon as I open the box, haven't had time to even read the instructions or look at the nice black shineyness of it.
And the Queen of Fonts will reign again, I can put them all back. I've been working with 10 only, very frustrating.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

If I had the energy I'd re-invent myself as an Anarchist

I didn't think I could hate any politician as much as John Winston Howard but consider him as a pink marshmallow compared to the mouldy vicious lot that holds power now.  $800,000 for a bomb proof car? Why bother, Abbott's mouth is so big any one with good aim could chuck a bomb straight down his gullet.  As for Hockey, I hope his gastric band corrodes and he explodes and does an "Aunt Marge", disappearing over the horizon never to be seen again.

This government has taken the subsidy from pensioners in nursing homes and forced all homes to require a bond.  This bond can be anything from $300,000 to $400,00 and then residents have to find the daily cost of care.  If you're a large company running a large nursing home then you get more money from the government and this is forcing small places to close.  This is what is happening to my mother's nursing home.

The Kingston Council owns the land and the building.  The Comm. of Management owns the bed licences.  The Council has given us enough funds to the end of October and it won't matter how many petitions we collect or public anger raises a voice, we're more or less stuffed.  Suddenly talk of helping us look for suitable places and offers of assistance in moving has gone quiet.  According to Doc Marvin, who has experience, they will already have a plan to shove the oldies into anywhere they can get them. The idea is that then the partners or relatives can try to get them into a home near where they used to be, as long as they are out of Mentone after October.

I am 'persona non grata' because I was asked after the meeting what I thought by the cheery Com of Man. lady who is all gung ho and we won't go. I told her all it was were weasel words, meaning nothing and the Home was doomed.  Funnily enough she looked right through me when we met the next day.
Oh woe is me, did I hit the nail on the head?  The residents who came to the Home from the 1st of July have had to pay a bond but we were never informed of this.  High level care homes never had bonds.  After 5 years my mother doesn't have a lot of money left, plenty if this place stayed open but not enough to front up a bond if she goes to another place.  And why should we after paying over nearly 280,000 dollars less pension for the last five years.  I was too tired to do all the sums properly like add up the pension and take that off the Home accounts and then add up the clothes, books, dvds and such.

Fortunately with sister being in the geriatric health system we have a head start on placements and should know how we stand next week.  By the way, there will be no meeting next week at the Home.
We'll leave mum where she is for the moment, just in case miracles happen.  All the residents are very upset even the dementia ones, they can sense things are not right.  Sister says the odds of 50% being alive 2 months after they're moved is about right.  It has come to this, old people in need are big business but old pensioners are also the new bludgers according to our great leader.

Now I have to go and phone the BOH and tee him up to remove the huge bird bath we bought for mum so she could watch the birds from her bed.  That's ours and we're moving it now.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sundae

And a big Happy Birthday to Anne O'Dyne.
And this is her present which she won't have because I didn't win Powerball on Thursday night but nothing says Happy Birthday like a faux French chateau cottage in the country or an image of.

I'm sure I've blogged this sculpture in the past but I really like it.  I like it much better than some of the public sculptures that have been mooted for Melbourne in the last few months.  It is what it is, like someone has dropped a rock from the sky and this is the splash. It doesn't need the artist to explain what I am looking at or what it means in arty farty terms.  It's a splash and I find it soothing.

Now I vaguely remember someone suggesting I put in a cat door for the Ice Bear.  This photo shows why I wouldn't put in a cat door.  Possibly the possums would have less trouble figuring it out and instead of one mouse, I would have a truckload.
And another glass sculpture which is really spectacular. I assume you can boat through the tunnel to get another perspective.  I like the look and feeling of movement even though it's not going anywhere. 
I'd still like the splashy one in my fish pond in my manicured garden.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wanted. One rock, large, for hiding under.

Just one moment more while I stare into those eyes and drink in a dose of calm and try to remember all the things I haven't blogged lately.

Five years Mother has been in the Home.  
In that time I have put on 20kgs.
Taken on 6 more tablets a day.
Been diagnosed with Diabetes.
Been annoyed constantly by Diabetes Educator because they keep changing the rules.
Agoraphobia has been upgraded from mild nuisance to outright hysteria where my head whirls in LSD colours and I hang on to fences to make it home.
I have nerve damage to both feet which makes me fall over if I wear slippers but on the other hand (foot) since there's not much feeling, cold and frostbite hasn't worried me this winter. Circulation is still good, should have seen the blood when I stood on the broken glass.
Both legs look like I stole them from a passing elephant, too much fluid.
I have no friends in real life, I have only you precious lot who wander here to leave a comment every so often. 
And I am Mother's slave.
But Doc Marvin has bravely taken on my crappy health.
Pathetic, non?

Well there's more (as they say on those hideous commercials), the Home is going to be closed. Oh, they are trying to save it but at 90 seconds to shut down, saving it is not really on the cards.  They should have looked into it 12 months ago. Kingston Council would love the land for high density housing so why should they care about 30 residents.  Those fucking bastards of the Liberal party in Canberra who have labelled all pensioners as a drain on the country, sucking it dry of money forgetting that all pensioners  worked and paid taxes, have decided as of July 1 that all nursing homes must charge a bond. They have also dropped the amount of subsidy for each resident.  There are beds empty when, in the past, there was always a waiting list. So people coming through with Bonds in mind, are looking for single rooms with ensuites and ritzy furnishings instead of looking at the quality of nursing. 
One of Mother's roomies has a wealthy husband who went through all those ritzy homes and chose this one because of the view to the garden and Ma's friendly face and pretty space in the opposite corner.

They say 6 weeks before they know but I think it will be much sooner than that.  Are they going to help us find new places, no.  Will they help the poor of us that don't have a bond, no.  Will they pack up and move the residents, no.  Will they make sure the new place is somewhere easy to get to by bus or train, no.  Will they make sure that the residents won't leave Kingston and lose their doctor, no. Goodbye Doc Marvin.

After 5 years I thought I would have a life that didn't involve anyone but me, the cat, the possums and a passing mouse.  It seems I must go through the whole process again.  I have one, no, two bright lights. Doc Marvin likes the old girl and will help re-settle her if he can.  And the bitch cook who has constantly tried to poison then entire Home will never get another job. That goes a long way to making up for everything else.

Now about that large rock, make it big enough for me and blues eyes up there. You may now sob in your coffee and send truckloads of sympathy.