Monday, August 03, 2015

August 3, that's 3 days closer to another birthday.

Yes I would have loved this cake for my birthday.

I would even have loved this cake for my birthday.

Did I get any cake for my birthday, nada, no, zilch, nothing.  My sister forgot, went out to lunch and didn't invite me, didn't say Happy Birthday when she dropped into the Home for her usual 10 minutes.
Nephew rang yesterday, very apologetic but then he never remembers his own birthday, I have to do it for him.  He sold a car from my driveway so said he would buy me anything I wanted.  All I want is him at my door when I need a lift or have an urgent need for fish and chips for tea, like now.
Mother made me a card and even managed to write in it with wibblywobbly writing but the 'take whatever you need and buy something nice' was quite clear.
The Divine O'Dyne sent me a present, the kind that keeps on keeping on.  Big black ribbon, check, big strong box to be re-used for jewellery, check, lovely shiny paper which ironed out nicely, check and lots of goodies inside, check.  Because this was the only present I received, I'm only looking at one thing a day.
HighRiser did not bring me back a little rock from a glacier or Niagara Falls. Shitty card for Christmas for him.
Nothing from my sister.
Phone call from youngest granddaughter, 21 in November.  Knows her own mind, just wish knowing she wants to be a missionary come Minister of some nutjob Christian Church in California where she has been studying for the past year wasn't so high on her agenda.  Already she has missionaried in Rio and plans to do it all over the world. She was very careful not to tell me exactly what Church or where it is in California.  
Sometimes it's better not to know anything at all about their lives.
Eldest went to India this year.  I really loved all the postcards that didn't arrive.

I have picked out a, not a wheelie, they're called Rollators with extra wide seat for extra wide sitting part.  Now just to sell the treadmill on ebay.  Diabetes educator has not realized I haven't been back and I'm not going back.  Walk, she said, you must walk for the good insulin levels.  The insulin might have done something but the arthritis in the crumbling foot belted it up a notch. So now I've graduated to a Rollator. I wish these people would see that the 'one size fits all' cure/diet for diabetics doesn't always work and it hasn't worked on me. 

So sad to see Bronnie's gone from the Speaker's chair, I was looking forward to another month of LOLs but here we have Darth Ruddock rising from the dead, croaking and groaning but ever willing to take the load on his shoulders.  I must be feeling better if Parliament is giving me a laugh.

A word of warning, don't ever buy a Peanut Butter ice cream Magnum.  I'm warning you Magnum, don't get all arty with the flavours or I'll leave you in a ditch.  I'm still trying to get the noxious flavour out of my mouth.  Who ever thought that would be a good idea is not human.  There is nothing good about peanut butter ice cream, nothing.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Please, never let this end.

Once the dam breaks, it just keeps flowing.  I'd like to know if she has a secret slush fund for hair spray.

Okay I needed a week of laughs.  Dentist, X-rays, large needles and extraction of back molar and mother.  
I thought just one week for me after fixing up all the other crap this month but no, she just didn't want to worry me. It's never bothered her before.  Couldn't ring me, no credits on the phone but forgot I can ring her.  Thursday I get a call and she has a headache again.  Thursday night I get a call from a friend who tells me she hasn't had her proper breakfast for 4 days because the kitchen ran out of Weetbix before the next delivery.  She's had rice bubbles.  This is just after I spent an hour re-doing her patient care plan about food and making it clear that she must have Weetbix and toast for breakfast.  It's the one meal she really looks forward to and if she doesn't get it, her blood sugar drops until lunch arrives, cue headache.
Our friend walked up to Coles, barely 5 minutes away and bought a box of Weetbix out of her own pocket.
I was going to put in a complaint but by the time I arrived on Friday through the freezing wind and sore mouth, if I had complained it would have been with a brick through the office window.  I had had enough.  Wouldn't you have thought that someone could have taken some petty cash and walked to Coles and bought the Residents breakfast.  Not that lot, it would mean admitting a mistake and they don't admit or explain or apologize. 

My stars at this time last year said I would have to look back 12 years to see what this 12 month cycle would bring since Jupiter the bringer of luck and whatever only travels your sign once every 12 years.  I did that and it was a great year back then, I even lost weight and I was happily divorced and looking forward to a new life.  It didn't happen this 12 months, it's been totally without joy.  I haven't even loooked to see which planet hoves into view at the end of August because it couldn't be any worse.

I did get an early birthday card, thank you to Aitkens Real Estate but it still won't make me sell you my house.  Selling up and running away with the money would mean I'd have to clean up and pack books, never going to happen.  Where would the four cars in the drive go? Would the Ice Bear cope with moving? Who would look after the filligree hamster if the stove was chucked out? 

Good old Bronnie, the only person who's made life fun for the last of my wondrous year.  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I love the smell of burning bronnies in the morning

Bwahahaha, keep them coming, they're better than Fat Joe's or the Bat Earred Monk's. 

 Hi ASIO, keep up the good work at the demo's.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

And you thought being rich makes for the perfect wedding.

 Glorious Valentino lace wedding gown, $50,000

 Hand made Louboutin wedding shoes with her new name, price unknown.

Having someone park the car on your floating veil, priceless.

Happy Day Nicky Hilton Rothschild.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Australian politics is just anarchy without the bullets

Yes, that is my opinion in that photo.  

Yes, I love minions especially when they speak my language.

I spent this morning's breakfast break watching Bill Shorten in the witness box trying to answer the same question put 80 trillion different ways by the interrogator and it was Shorten who was accused of being a time waster.  
This is costing taxpayers a fuckload of money for which they will no doubt find a way to blame pensioners and the unemployed for the country being in a financial crisis....again.....still or are we out of that crisis implied in Fat Joe's first budget.
Getting to the point faster than Bill, I would like to point out that this is the 21st century and most of the world is computer savvy, a few of us might still like to write with a quill but digital is top of the heap.  So why are the relevant documents in this inquisition not on a computer in front of all concerned so that when invoice no. 639 is called to front and centre, volcanoes erupt, buildings collapse, Captains Call before it is found.  Bill is time wasting?  Flipping pages in numerous binders instead of being able to enter no.639 and instant invoice seems a lot more time wasting and money wasting than Bill trying to answer questions from when he was in Parliament and not playing at Union boss.  Let this be a lesson to all leaders of everything, keep a diary, it'll save us money and throwing breakfast plates at the tv.   
I received my Visa statement this week and couldn't remember a thing I'd bought last month so don't ask what I bought 10 years ago.

Second on my shitlist for the day.  Shenhua Group, mining, large, coal. May dragons comsume your firstborn to the nth generation for mining the Liverpool Plains, a food bowl and glorious countryside.
No need to worry yet, they won't start chopping up the wildlife until 2017 so we have plenty of time to plant the landmines, roll out the barbwire and oil up the shotguns.  Barnaby is on the job, he's very very upset with the Captain, like that will amount to a pile of cow crap.  Ah, the Captain, he who famously said, the Country is open for business.  The business of open coal mining, fracking, logging old growth forests and next Soylent Green, I mean who will miss old people and the unemployed.
I'm an endangered species, I'm obese and old, I could make so many SG dried pellets I'm practically a walking bankable asset.

Third, mother lived, again.