Monday, January 25, 2016

Cynics Rule!

After yesterday I really need some owls laden with chocolate and you lot can  contribute to my 6 million dollar comfort fund.  I love electronic begging.  Below is a post from granddaughter's FB public page.  If any of you viewers are familiar with the show The Mentalist, you'll recognize the way this woman lets information fall into her ears and runs with it.

"Guys..GOD IS INCREDIBLE.  Capitals don't even come close to expressing how I feel about Jesus right now.
WARNING: This is a long post, so SO worth it!!

Today, a lady who I have never met before approached me at church this morning for prayer for pain in her legs that has been affecting her for around 2 years now.  While we were talking she noticed my rather obvious accent and asked where I'm from.  When I said Australia, she bursts into tears and starts talking about how she has been asking the Lord to lead her to an Australian that she could connect with, because she had a dream when she was 14 (she is now 41) about a group of people with unusual bone structure that she had never seen before.  God recently reminded her of it and told her to look up 'Aborigines in Australia' and when she did, every page was covered with these faces she had seen in her dream all those years ago!.  God placed in her heart an unquenchable desire to come to Australia and be a light to the Aboriginal population of Australia, and God connected her with me to begin the fulfillment of this calling!
It doesn't even stop there...I told her I am from Brisbane, Queensland (my city and state) and again she bursts into tears. "That's where God wants me to go!!" she says excitedly, as she jumps up and down on her COMPLETELY HEALED legs.  She then asked me what church I will go to when I go home, and when I said Glory City, she almost screamed at me "THAT'S THE CHURCH GOD HAS CALLED ME TO!!".
There is no such thing as coincidence in the Kingdom.  The faithfulness of God is coming to light in more people's lives every single day, and the hope of His glory is invading this Earth like never before."

Of course the woman has money troubles and wants to bring her entire family to Australia so last I heard of this was my GG trying to raise funds to bring her to this country to do the Lord's work.  Call me a cynic but this cult church in Oz is in the business of making money not handing it out.
If only I'd known that just talking to my GG would completely heal my diabetes, my arthritic foot, my fat backside, I'd ring her immediately.
I'm an equal opportunity cynic, I loathe all religions, not all of the people involved, just the religions.
And if they want and need to invest their hope in an invisible friend floating around on some cloud, good luck to them.  To me He's just a vicious old fart who gets bored with peace and harmony so creates another war or famine or flood to have a bit of a laugh.
So sorry if I've offended any of the faithful who are reading here but this is the beauty of having an opinion that doesn't come out of a book written over two thousand years ago.  And I can't imagine anyone of faith rolling by this blog.  
I'm now going to tempt retribution by plugging in the vaccum cleaner to finish the entrance hall.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stuff January

A short post to let you know I'm still here.....just.  January always brings some crap that makes my mind go into meltdown and it takes a while to regain equilibrium. (I don't care if that word is the proper meaning, I can spell the bloody thing)
Major cleaning and de-cluttering and moving of heavy books and heaving vac cleaner around the carpet  and that's only the entrance hall.
Now leaving for the Home and major de-cluttering of mother's things.  New owners are taking over on the 29th February and I don't want them to be telling her she has too much and she does. 
Other ghastlies, granddaughter mixed up with hideous cult type church in Brisbane and is in California to learn to be Minister and Missionary to spread the love and goodness of Teh Lord.
So if you want to give yourself the horrors, goggle Glory City Church, Brisbane but don't miss the other website debunking them.  And while you are there, do the same for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California.  At least this mob gives out the prices of all their services and International students must pay up front and no refunds. Also pay for all their missionary trips and are encouraged to work part time in the poorest of the communities to help spread the love and drivel of Teh Lord.  Taking away part time jobs of the poorest people would help much.
This has led me to the newest invention of Facebook, crowd funding or crowd sourcing or the way I see it, electronic begging.  And believe me the girl is well and truly in and brainwashed all the way. It's another wonderful thing her mother has done for the world and if this thieving lying bitch is in with the cult church (which started in Brisbane) then she's in it for the money nothing else but dragging in my granddaughter with her is unforgivable. Although the kid has always had a missionary mind even at Catholic College. The elder granddaughter just travels the world  and I don't want to know when she goes to India and stays AirBnB in a country of ingrained rape culture.
Oh great, short post and everything pours out.
Have not even seen StarWars yet.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nearly made it, missed it by thaaat much.

Dear Andrew says his hangover is much better.

Next year I'm making this awesome reindeer for my pleasure and to terrify the cat.

Only StarWars  fans will get the joke.  And no, I haven't been to see the next instalment yet.
And I thought I'd give you a break from Harry.

Mother had a turn in the shower and was rushed back to bed and put on oxygen.  Now she's back on antibiotics.  She was okay Christmas Day but tired.  Her roomie died through the night, just went to sleep and bye bye.  Boxing Day, tired, so mother stayed in bed.  I was in the middle of dressing an angel doll, just getting into the sewing  of petticoats and lace which had to be done on the doll otherwise the porcelain arms can break when I got the call.  You know, oh don't come down, I'll be okay but she isn't until I walk in the room.  Bloody woman.  Doc Marvin was in today and can't believe how fast her lungs collapsed into infection because they were clear last week.
I have a few people to blame.  Don't come into a nursing home and slobber over the  residents, their immune system is shit and your germs aren't.  My sister and I don't kiss our mother, well if I kissed her she would think she was dying.  I've been saying this for 7 years, don't kiss them, you've had years to kiss them and if you haven't kissed them enough in that time then you aren't going to make up for it now. 

So now I'm back with Angel doll and it is not working.  Angel wings are different from fairy wings, fairy wings I can do, stupid angels, no.  To top it off, it's one of those CopperArt dolls from China where the dress is made for a standing up body but then they go and twist the body to make it look different from the other 4 million Angels they made that week.  I went into the sewing room and packed fabric in boxes and let the empty brain space do its work and I've got it and remembered how to stiffen the wings, hairspray.  I even found the white feathers I'd been looking for.  Hand beading is now going to be sticking on with glue beading.  I've cleaned up the beads and can't find a crystal or a pearl anywhere.  I'll go feed the cat and think on it.  Bloody woman couldn't wait until I'd finished to have another episode.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I may need an intervention

I'm like Pavlov's dog except it's Potter's dog.  Every time Potter ranges into view, I'm compelled to press go and read the latest.  So in case you need a sob or two today in the Christmas madness, I give you these.

 I love taking those online quizzes and I invariably come up as Luna and place of residence is Hogwarts.

I can't argue with a Patronus, at least it wasn't a box of chocolates. 

Now you have to have a tiny tear by this stage and last night when I found this, big tears.  I always get very snivelly around Christmas.  I think it's having to bypass the booze, chocolates, puddings, cakes and Pavlovas.  I really miss the pavs and it's no good saying just a small slice, that has never been in my vocabulary.  Dear lord, what on earth constitutes a small slice unless that's the bit I leave for others to fight over.  I'd love to see Luna wielding her wand over a Pavlova, pink with a Unicorn holding a strawberry in a field of marshmallow and cream.  I must get my fingers off the keyboard and my mind off Potter.

Yes, if my hand is full of wand and the other hand is full of food, I'm very calm.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Penguins for Elephants

I went looking for a really good penguin photo for Elephant's child for her competition win and I was lost for hours.  Penguins everywhere and cute and I can't resist cute so you're getting cute penguin blog and liking it.

 How can you not keep calm watching penguins excepts with Attenborough who likes to draw your attention to every predator in the Southern Ocean chewing and chomping down on baby penguins. Not calming David!
 This is for calming sleep.  EC you will be dreaming of Antarctica and ice bergs and little swimmy friends all night.

And dreaming of all that water will bring about the usual consequences but I've got that covered as well.  That toilet roll holder is just the most and the only thing to make it better is a fishy voice screeching, "fill it up" when the roll runs out.

Just had to ask this question, do they have knees?  I mean they're a bit short on for legs so maybe knees aren't there but we should know this. We should know if penguins have knees.  And because this is keeping you up you should have a calming cup of something, gin, vodka, anything.

And while you are pondering the wisdom of penguins having knees, your cat is nicking your chocolate chip cookie and so it goes on, do cats have knees?