Sunday, May 19, 2019

What Election?

I can't talk about it.  I didn't drink my booze or open my chocolates, my mouth wouldn't close.

Honestly these three would have made a better party for Parliament than the morons other people elected.  Waiting now for Clive to once again demand that Queensland secede from Australia.
Since every poll got it all wrong I  will put it out that Abbott will find someway to stand as an Independant just to prove he is the arse he's always tried to hide.

When things quieten down I'll be writing to  Labor Party to think about having a list of people who will be voting by post for all elections.  I was too sick to go out and post my letter so it was up to the school in nice sunshine. World of Warcraft waging in left arm with the flu vac and by the reaction, my T cells were winning. 
Boo to bitch, who, when I was leaving looked at me but spoke to bloke coming in back door to make sure he left by front door.  Front door has a step of 10 or 12 cms, very difficult with dodgy knees, dizzies and a walker.  Just for that I refused to buy their cakes.  Staggered to shop for their divine coffee and sat until I could walk to rest of the way home.

Every time one of those urks got another vote I turned to SBS and watched Queen sing.  Could not bear to see Victor and Vanquished speeches and almost went to bed then but I was comfortable.  And on comes The Drum with a brilliant run down of what had happened followed by a re-run of the first episode of the new series of Harrow then it was bed. Unfortunately I had been interrupted in taking off the bottom sheet and putting new winter one on. Damn, slept on the wool overlay but woke up with pain somewhere and couldn't wake up enough to find out where it was until I swung legs out of bed. Spine, down the leg to zinging foot so Voltaren on, wait a few minutes, pain gone. Still haven't put the sheet on yet.

Too much sitting with magazines but I have only 8 or so to throw out. 
Anybody remember Silkymits?  If you do you're officially old but they were handy in between shaving legs to keep the hair down.  I failed leg shave, always nearly bled to death when using that damn razor.  Good thing I wasn't a bloke, cut throats would have been the death of me.
Other things, not much advertising for perfume except Tweed but loads for ladies' cigarettes. 

Put the news on now and keep my eyes shut. Watch out for freedom of religion brought up in Parliament. Me, I'm dying my white cat black and back to dancing in the moonlight.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

I'm still with you

Watching waves is always calming but since I'm freezing I think I should have put up an image that had sunshine and palm trees framed with a large gin.
Bad days for the last week or two or maybe a month.  It started with me trying to help myself by looking up bloggers from before the "mother days" and re-contacting.  Ten years makes a big difference, twitter, reddit, facebook, instagram and me still barely able to turn on the computer. I've just spent two days and most of one night trying to get a twitter account until I twigged that I was putting down the wrong phone number. I have an account but I haven't a profile or a tweet to my name yet.  It was Twitter's fault combined with Firefox who didn't let me know that my background heading had been discontinued for some reason and that made twitter lock me out of the account as being a suspect tweeter.  At least I'm still anonymous in case the ex is on twitter. I still can't work facebook, haven't a clue how to comment and twitter only gives me a certain time to comment before they slash that account. I forgot to look at the post count but this could be my 2000 post.  I still remember the shakes at trying to set up blogger and that was on dial up.  I miss XP, so simple for dummies and I'm only on 8.2 after 10 nearly sent me insane. Updating is out of the question, I've been trying that for a month and just fail fail fail keeps coming up, updates download but won't install so stuff you Microsoft.

Now for Andrew, news from Queenscliff. Low light Queenscliff is on from May 3 to June 30 with a host of music, arts and culinary events.  There's simultaneous burning of sculptures in the main street, followed by a nude dive off Queenscliff pier and one for Highriser, a whiskey masterclass at the Queenscliff Brewhouse plus music.  Details:
Yes something else I've forgotten, how to hide links but I've found my cheat sheet and I'll start practicing.

Only have one load of magazines to go through and that's finished. It didn't worry me throwing out the craft, wedding and Vogue but this lot is different. I keep coming across memories and I'm surprised at how much of a belt it gives me.  Ben Ean Moselle, that taught me not to have more than one glass and does anyone remember Mateus Rose? I'm sure the girlfriends and I only drank this to put candles in the lovely shaped bottle. A shop advertising the very expensive handbag in black patent leather that took me ages to pay for.  I was suddenly back in time, walking Bourke street and staggering down Collins Street hoping the trains weren't early. And "man spreading" is not a new thing, we had one on the Frankston line, he'd get on at Highett, force himself between two girls and spread those legs. It must have killed him when the red rattlers gave way to the blue trains (am I right, Andrew, blue trains).  Too many bad memories have surfaced and added to the depression I already have, not made any better by not one person emailing or phoning to tell me about the arrival of little Riley, already a week old. I did send the photo (nicked from facebook, only reason I have an account) to my sister who emailed one word back, gorgeous.
One word, I swear there's a sinister invisible machine at the Queensland border that sucks the brain out from anyone crossing the line to live there. Election time was the only time we really talked but now nothing, next thing I know she'll be voting One Nation.

And send love to Antikva who was going to start blogging again but her 7 year old grandson had an hour long epileptic fit this week and is okay now but she's still recovering.  

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The package has arrived!

Coming in at 7lbs, 9oz is my second great granddaughter, Riley Kaye and held by her gorgeous sister Clio.  I like babies when they are sound asleep, it's the waking time that does me in.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Ear worms, nuisance, eye worms, hilarious

You pest, Highriser, you really started something with those T-shirts. Everywhere I looked I would find something that would look great on a shirt for you.  The one above would be from your long past drag days.

But much further down the track (R would agree) this one would just be right.
Actually it could be the bloggers motto from the early days, we're too old and lazy to be psycho these days.

Better to leave the weirdness to politicians.  We're going back to the early days with bushrangers trying to run the country and run with the money. What would you do if a Parliamentarian walked up to you and said, "I'll look after your purse/wallet, you can trust me."  You kick them in the kneecaps and run a mile.
That would be nasty on a T-shirt, Clive in speedos with his hand in the Treasury.

Now I have to go and look for the cat. Jimmy forgot about the cat and brought his dog in the yard and being curious he followed him into the house and spotted the cat's breakfast, didn't see the cat behind him.  The cat is terrified of dogs but so protective of his food that he fluffed up like a giant balloon and started growling. Apparently the dog, a timid Coolee (?) is terrified of cats and couldn't move what with the growling and hissing of the giant snowball.  The dog was picked up and taken out, the cat took one look at the empty plates and stormed off to the sewing room.  That was 3 hours ago, I think he's lost himself.

Down to the last magazine holder and I'll have two shelves empty.  These come from the 70s and what were we thinking about with fashion! Horrible big clunky shoes, almost impossible to walk in and definitely the skinny age of clothes.  There was only one way to hide a big everything, Caftans. I had several, still have two to use as patterns. Forget the shoes, I don't think I'd have the energy to lift my feet from the ground.
No matter how many memories of the glory days of youth, some things should be left in the past.  That includes photos of first boyfriends, I found one and my dear, those unfortunate ears.  I have torn up every letter and photo but there's always one lurking around to question one's taste in men and he was wearing platform shoes and flares but I suppose they kept him from flying off in wild weather.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Another hill to climb

Tomorrow he would have been 48 and wouldn't have needed that beard to look older.  All he wanted was to work in the bush, look after trees and keep the forests intact.  He's holding his eldest daughter here, Laura, who is due to give birth in the next few days to his second grandchild.
I remember his laugh. 

Mum's waited a long time to have another birthday with him.