Friday, February 17, 2017

Don't go shopping after speaking with mother.

My birthday is in July, you have time to practice and save up for the shipping.  I was saving this for another post but since my taxi nearly got wiped out by a chocolate truck this afternoon, I felt it was appropriate.
Work was being done on the gutters and the road is divided by a concrete and tree arrangement, the truck felt it didn't have enough room so without a signal it swerved in front of us, rounded the divide and swerved back in front of us.  I swear there was only a gnat's whisker between truck and taxi. Since he didn't slow down in the swerve, I have visions of the back of the truck being a full mixed box.

And mother, dear mother, almost permanently on oxygen or she turns a delightful shade of blue, has decided she doesn't want the glasses that were ordered and I don't blame her.  She always has a slight pink tinge to cut down the glare and the pair that came this week had lens of lovely Cartland pink. I even attended the Relatives and Residents meeting to voice complaints but copped one of the bigwigs
of the Aged Care group going on and on about Dementia.  It would have been useful for the relatives but his audience except 4 had Dementia but it was a captive audience until I'd had enough and told him my mother didn't have Dementia when she came to the Home and he said it often developed as they aged.  I said he was missing the point, that this Home was for high care residents who couldn't walk or look after themselves because of physical trauma but now they are still bedridden or in wheel chairs in a place where the demented can walk around and terrorise them.  My dramatic exit was somewhat diminished by having to be levered out of the too small chair.  Of course mother was pleased that I spoke up and then told me if anyone came near her she could always poke their eye out with her Chinese fan.  So glad you're not in any danger from the demented.  

The point of all this is that she wants her optomotrist from two years back. She knows her first name but not the second. Her friend wants her back as well, she knows the first name but not the second and by the time I got off the phone, they couldn't agree on the first name.  Finally I've found her name in the cheque book.  It was October 2014, okay so we'll go for 2 years ago and Lens and frames cost $285 with the blush tint. This time I was told over the phone, $500 and everyone was charged $500 including the residents with dementia.  Please let dear Susan be still in business or I'll go totally round the a chocolate truck. 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fire and Ice

Map of Iceland showing locations of these volcanoes


Pall Einarsson, a geophysicist at the University of Iceland said that Katla, Hekla, Bardarbunga and Grimsvotn are restless.

Katla is the least recently-active volcano of the four, last erupting in 1918 but is now shaking with over magnitude three tremors. It averages about two eruptions each century. It's especially dangerous since it is partly covered by the glacier Myrdalsjokull which fills a caldera depression and covers the eruptive vents so when it does go off it releases hot molten mud flows called Lahars.  These are uber Lahars, the last eruption in 1918 extended the southern coast by 5km just with laharic deposits.

Hekla, otherwise know as the "Gateway to Hell" has been quiet for 16 years but data collected in June last year revealed it is building up magma, and it's internal pressure is currently higher than before its last two previous eruptions.  It's ready to go, erupting once every 10 years, from 1970 to 2000, it's been dormant until now. Professor Einarsson said that tourists should stay away but what do you do with the 20-30 planes full of passengers flying right over the top of Hekla every day.

Bardarbunga volcano had a red alert issued at the end of August 2014 to February 2015 when it experienced a small eruption but only because it lies underneath the Vatnajokull glacier. The volcano sits in a 700metre caldera beneath ice but the majority eruptions come out of the fissures in the side. Not small fissures either, the Veidivotn fissure extends for over 62 miles to the south west almost reaching Torfajokull volcano while the Trollagigar fissure extends 31 miles to the north east towards the Askja volcano.
The last eruption was the strongest of its kind in Europe in more than 240 years and with earthquakes starting up, it suggests that magma could be building below the surface.

Grimsvotn is a near neighbour to Bardarbunga and likely to be fuelled by the same source of magma.  It erupted in 2011, sent a huge plume of ash skywards leading to flights being grounded.  Seismic activity is steadily rising. 

These are only four of the volcanoes that dot the island of Iceland.  Between the lot of them you have just about every kind of volcanic activity documented.  All we need now is for the other side of the world to start rumbling, Yellowstone is already doing that but I mean rumbling in a really vicious Presidential kind of rumbling and then I might worry.

What a night to frazzle

I just couldn't sleep even with the fan blowing over me. It was toss and turn until I finally got up and put on the computer by the light of a small torch. I have a small fan by on the desk and a jug of cold water.  So begins the surfing and remembering Andrew's plaintive cry for a video to show how to fold a fitted sheet, I did find this.  The woman of the house would realize just by looking that this sheet has been ironed first, it's far too smooth to have come out of a dryer but it's a good demonstration.  Although I don't know why he isn't like the rest of us who crunch and fold and sit on the damn things until they're flat.

Coming up for the weekend is Wild Time in the skies.  We have a full moon called a snow moon in the northern hemisphere, an eclipse on top of that and a passing comet. So time for something crazy and I won't be dancing in the nude, mosquitoes are hungry down south.   Unfortunately we don't see the eclipse or the comet but we feel the effects.

Iceland is about to bust out in volcanic eruptions, four are rumbling and grumbling. This is a job for drones instead of planes, lose a drone, lose money, lose a plane and lose people.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I want it now and I want it all, gimme gimme!

Iced Vo Vo Pavlova.

I am hypnotized by the luscious.

There are ten layers.

I mean TEN layers of sugar induced coma just sitting there.

I will electrocute myself if I keep drooling on the keyboard.
The only other cake as yum as this was the ganache covered trifle cake.

But I'm true to my roots, Pavlova Rules.

Monday, January 30, 2017

All lies says the leader

He's won, he's the President, the big cheese, and still he whines and complains that his turnout march was bigger than Obama's.  Cameras lie but not as much as he does.
I hope it is photoshopped for the big blank spot of the Universe but no doubt about this, Attenborough Rules.

(it's okay Annie, I checked nothing is being chewed to death amongst the penguins)

I wonder if Teh Leader is going to ban animal migration from Alaska to Mexico even with their green card stuck to their butt?

We live in interesting and arresting times.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

$29 phone working.

$29 and pre-paid $30 credit and mother is back in business. Press the green to say Hello, press the red to close and she hasn't figured out how to get me in contacts yet.  A win all round so far.  Still on oxygen and Ventolin and feeling very sick this morning.  If I run into the twat that says she doesn't need so much oxygen, he won't be needing any.  She is failing, she might have one more Nellie Melba in her but it's not a done deal.  Doc Marvin has been in two days in a row, he usually says he'll see her Wednesday but yesterday it was call if you need me.

It was 3 a.m. before I finally fell asleep last night and very worrying to wake up to find the cat asleep with me with his paw on my arm.  He only ever does that when I'm not well and it's always the can opening arm his paw embraces.  His eyes are so expressive, "please don't get up until you feel right. You might fall and I won't get fed".  Far too much stress last week I think.  He did have a nasty turn when lazing under the tree on Thursday, he copped an apple on his head dropped by the biggest parrot I've ever seen.  Not the Rosella with the blue and red but a huge green and red bird.  I love that tree, parrot in the top branches with the apples, little birds on the ground picking up the leftovers and at night, the possums have the lot.  Did I tell you they love avocados?  We have such fantastic avo's in Australia even though I really can't stand them no matter how good they are supposed to be for fat people, that I was furious to find Woolies had them on special from New Zealand.  Using a female piece of logic which can never be explained, I bought 3 and put them out for the possums.  Next day only a round bit of skin was left and that was because I'd forgotten to take the label off.

I really wasn't going to go into any politics this year because they are all such (love you Keating) swill but the Grand Poobah of Swill in America is something that can't be shrugged off.  Have you noticed his signature?  Poor John Hancock would likely swoon into a full faint at the sight of it.
It's not writing, it looks like the spectroscopic analysis of a serial killer.  Everything he has signed is by Executive Order and look how many EOs of Obama he has overturned so if his is overturned he can say, it wasn't his fault, it was them, all of them, whoever them is. He can stand there shining and blameless.

Hanson's in trouble with her blokes.....again.  Malware briefly hit the news then returned to his burrow.  Nowt from the Mad Monk, extremely strange.  Shorten, I swear if you wear another fluoro vest I'll spray paint you.  You don't look like a worker anymore so try for the Statesman gig and smile, ever so slightly. Every time I see you, you look like the prophet of doom, worse than Morrison.
And I never thought I'd miss the dribblings of Chrissie Pyne,  where is the little twerp?  I'm only going on like this because it's tennis, it's cricket and ready to scream into Melbourne, the Grand Prix.

I need a small holiday. Cameraface, would you mind if I ran off with R for a few days?  Of course you'll have to take over the Mothering duties but man up, you can do it.