Monday, December 02, 2019

Sister in Yeppoon

If you embiggen this it will be huge but I had to try 3 different downloads until I could get it on Blogger.
My sister rang this morning, it was 9 o'clock Qld time and 10 in Melbourne, 40 degrees in Yeppoon and 15 degrees here which is why I was still in bed. I was cheeping like a budgie from asthma, frightened the postie when I opened the door, cough and bashed my forehead on the door frame.
Anyway back to the photo, it's a baby bat, the orange thing is the bat dummy to calm it down. She said not as many birds are coming for feed and they're picking up the bats in the back yard and taking them to the animal hospital.
Summer in Melbourne and 15 degrees and I'm freezing so the fire is on, kill me.

The way the world is now, I doubt that it will be here by the end of December so I ate my Christmas chocolates last night.
I hate cricket.
I hate reality shows.
I hate Christmas ads showing mountains of food that people can't afford.

I'll have to go looking for cute cat pictures or a breakdown is round the corner.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Countdown to the Christmas Hysteria.

Now this is what I call a brilliant idea for a Christmas Tree.  I have everything needed to make it although the hearts are red and not pink but with the right gold ribbon it would be gorgeous. No need to worry about the cat, he wouldn't even notice, high enough and he'd walk under it, wrong height and he'd just walk through it. I'd love it in the corner of my bedroom if I ever get that room under control.  I swear if I took everything off the dressing table the rubbish and jewellery would cover the bed. I know, I've done it in the past.

Now for something completely insane.  I have a habit of snoozing in the chair and when I wake up I'm usually a bit dopey but if I looked down and saw these on my fat feet I'd wonder if I was still asleep. They're crazy because they look so real. Lord knows what the Bear would make of them, he's twitchy enough as it is.

This is not insane, it's just insanely cute. A twig tree full of Christmas frogs, joy.  I have the twigs, had them for about 5 years but I just haven't gotten around to making it all up.
And you can't say I haven't enough glitter frogs.

Read an article about people buying too many clothes and throwing them away to buy more. All this American Black Friday sales rubbish. Putting photographs away (almost done) and some of my dresses are 30 years old, last century ffs.  So how come they still fit when my new scales have shown my new weight. It's the legs, they're like tree trunks and if I could weigh them without the rest of the body I'd be half the size I am.  So glad I didn't buy the scales that actually tell you in a loud voice how much fat you've got and how much since the last weigh in, bloody nervous breakdown time that would be. But the dresses still fit.  It seems my mind was far ahead of JK Rowling and I've sewn an undetectable extension charm into all my seems, only explanation. Should go now since I've been going to the shower for the last two hours, time flies in a new chair.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

It's been that kind of week

I love this Catmas Tree.  The Ice Bear is at the bottom although he hasn't looked this awake for days. It's a happy happy picture until someone grabs a bauble.

I have a slight problem with a real tree.  After the hot day and the change and the wind, a branch broke in the middle of all the other branches and the only thing holding it off the ground is the tree next to it.  So being a smartie I thought I could sit in the chair and pull it towards me and cut the branches bit by bit until I realized that on the other side the branches were very much too close to 3 wires included electricity. If the wind changes then those wires will really be whacked around.  I'll ring AGL tomorrow because I don't want any neighbours getting fried. The main branch has rotted right in the middle and I couldn't move it an inch. I'm worried most about the big dead dried one that has spread out in spindly dry bits and the wind is really whipping those around.

If the lights go out I'll know why.  At least it didn't happen last night in the middle of The Last Jedi.  I hadn't seen this movie, don't ask why as I've seen every other Star War movie. I don't remember it at all.  I put it down to mother, she must have been having an episode when it was released but usually I would have bought the dvd and watched it.  I just don't remember the film at all.  And the last Star Wars is due out in December, I'd go, Gold Class but I couldn't stand the kids everywhere and I'd bawl my eyes out if it's a sad ending. I've avoided all the trailers so far.

There are sounds behind me, it's alive, yes 4.41, the stomach has awoken. Fancy Feast has changed their recipe and he is not happy and fortunately he doesn't like the very expensive stuff.  He also doesn't like his new tray. Very expensive, like the food, stainless steel and wood but shiney, he thinks another cat is trying to steal the food. He's exhausting, how did I manage 4 cats and 3 dogs and 2 kids, I can't even think about those days. Everytime I see a family on tv I go into shock.  I was meant to be selfish or have servants. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

I have been returned by the aliens, I was too alien for them

After the last weeks of horror, I found this little creature in my files. No burnt paws, or ears, no gasping for air, no terror in the eyes. The animals in the bush are in my dreams and they'll never leave, what a way to remember a destroyed species.  As for our Prime Arse in charge, never mind money for roadworks in the never never future, half a dozen water carrying helicopters and planes for now would be sensible and might even get you a vote at the next election.  It won't be mine though.

At last I have a new computer chair but no instructions so from sitting 6 inches off the floor, I'm now 6 inches down from the ceiling. I can't read the settings on the lever because they were written for people with eyesight that can kneel on the floor and crawl under the chair to work it and you just know that's not me. I could barely move after sitting in it for 2 days until the bones creaked and groaned into the new posture. Over the other side of the study is the new table/desk, more room but less taking up space.

Just when I need all the time I can get for the de-cluttering, I find I've been signed up to twitter which I have not yet worked out, Instagram which I have not yet worked out, fakebook which I have never been able to work out after years of trying but never will I give up the blog.  Something else I can never give up, ebay although I have cut down on the hours spent there looking for Mother stuff. It's handy for the nights I can't sleep and this weekend I found the coffee table that has been waiting for me, just for me. I love it and I haven't even put anything on it yet not even the rocks and frogs. This is the one I've dreamed of, the right size, the right height and with inset glass that won't slide and the price was right and the seller was driving my way and would I mind if he dropped in it at 8 a.m., was he kidding!  Of course that meant out of bed and make space for it. 
He did look a bit befuddled when he walked in but I did say I was de-cluttering. Photo is coming as soon as I find where bloody google hid it.

Christmas gifts are found but not sent yet. Do you realize how close Christmas is although Southland hasn't started the jingles yet. River and El Chi, I have divine little brooches for you except when I was putting everything away so I wouldn't lose any, I lost yours. See what happens when tidy gets in the way. And I dropped my money crystal down behind the chest of drawers but genius, I pulled the bottom drawer right out and managed to grab it with bbq tongs, I mean I'm going to need a money crystal. I still have a bed to buy or maybe just the base, depends if the base costs more than the special of the day of mattress and base. Do you feel that life has become very complicated or may be I'm just old from 10 years of nursing home visits.

And just to make your day, made mine hideous. Dizzy Folau said God gave us bushfires to punish us for same sex marriage but never mind him, plenty of us non dizzies to support and encourage you. I love a good wedding but my divorce was so much better.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

I wish spring would make up its mind, cold or warm

A very good saying especially for someone with a volcanic temper and a wicked back hander with a geologist's pick.

This morning I was woken up by the cat who roared into my ear while staring at my eyes. No kibble since Sunday but it's being delivered this morning, I've told him that several times. It's not like he couldn't live off his fat until Christmas but a cat of habit demands that all bowls be filled, for snacking, all day, every day.  He took his own photo the other night trying to knock the camera out of my hand so as soon as I remember how to do it, I'll post it here.

Still no computer chair, no table up either.  I can't even get the table parts out of the box and couldn't move the chair box.  I need an all round handy man and yes Highriser I am looking at you.  You'll even get paid. I need new taps in the bathroom and a handheld shower spray. Put up the chair, put up the table, put the passage door back up. I found out the hard way that does take two people.  Plus an hour or two at the big green shed, I need a cheap chandelier, a light for the kitchen since one fluro globe is going and I put the pantry light on so I won't set fire to the tea towell, again.  Steel hand rails at the back steps, hand rail in the shower but I might need an expert for those. I'm sure there are several more things on the list.  It doesn't need to be done in one day but if you are passing the house, please come and put my chair together. 

I'm thinking of shutting down my Facebook.  Daughter in law is shutting hers down so I won't be able to get any more photos of my girls. I never have liked Facebook, it just didn't make sense to me. I am looking into Instagram as long as I don't have to use mine, I still shake when I take a photo.

I will get around to answering all comments but I haven't been the best. I'm waiting for Karma to do its work.
Bank scam is working overtime so be careful. Their mistake was in telling me $2000 was taking from my credit card which is not an amount I'll ever see again on any credit card. He recovered quickly and said it was my debit card and the amount was $20. I told him to give it up and find someone who wasn't a poor pensioner.

I'm not that poor that I couldn't pay a handyman though.