Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Visit Qld, don't stay

I just adore this dress and this colour, it's me, totally me.

Now that we've had the eye candy, I'll tell you about my sister who is becoming quite the Queenslander, in other words, dumb, cuckoo, twit, bogan even.
She rang last week and wanted to know if I'd been to the solicitor yet, no, not until I work out what has to be changed.  She wanted me to put a note in my will saying that she did not want a funeral when she passed. You do get this, my will, her non funeral. I told her to go to the Post Office and buy a will form and do it herself.  Not only that but she wants her ashes sprinkled in the creek she played in at Ferntree Gully.  By this time I'd lost the will to live let alone sprinkle bloody ashes. Is she getting someone to bring them down from Qld or posting them? Am I supposed to get someone with a car to go there since I don't drive and doesn't she remember she has a son. I may have another 20 or 30 years before I have to worry and I won't be thinking about her getting to the big beyond before me. The only reason I'm going to my solicitor is that bit about being sound of mind and he can testify it for this week at least. The body is falling apart but it's the sound of mind bit you have to get right.  I can just see her will now, no funeral, ashes to be scattered and I leave my collection of genuine Queensland worn out rubber thongs to my sister.

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Sooo black bathrooms

Matching black bathroom for the bedroom. See what I mean about the lighting? I also hate subway tiles, they remind me of Flinders Street railway station. Not fussed about the copper fixtures either. And all the reno shows I've been watching are putting in Granite etc bench tops but an Australian show yesterday had a professional on that said it was bad to put the sink underneath as the surround can chip. Finally some one with sense. Personally I love the basin that sit on top and I love the oval greenish glass ones until I found out the price so porcelain will do.

Okay so it has a chandelier in a coffered (I had to use that word, just found out what it was) ceiling. Toilet - black, if you can't see it perfectly in that chandeliered light then how about daylight.  I can't even see if the lid is up or down and it must be down according to my Feng Shui book or your money goes down the drain. I do like the square pedestal bottom but the flushing handle, for sure I would crash into that every time I sat down but I would like it on the side. Love the basin, like the marble and love the legs, love the hand towell and the mirror.  But have you noticed something missing, like toilet roll so is this a bidet with a hot fan to dry the bits? A mystery so you see what I mean about black. 

Another black hole in space.  There are curtains on the left hiding the shower and there's no way our exs would not have missed peeing in the wrong direction. Love the wall paper and the mirror.  See what I mean about the basin sitting on top of the bench, more space. Don't know about the greenery, it looks cheap unless it is a de-smelling plant.  Noticed again, no toilet roll. Don't like the ultra slim pedestal, I have a feeling I would do untold damage to that and the corner of the bench top looks a might sharpish just right for a fat hip to hit. I have to give this one an epic fail.


Now I'm rather partial to these tiles though but I can hear my mother now giving the one decent piece of advice that turned out to be excellent.  Always have white on the bathroom floor because of the talcum powder.  She was right, unbelievable how far powder can fly and accumulate in corners.  Worse if you use baby cornstarch powder with aloe and you should use that since Talcum is crushed mineral and Johnson's baby powder just got pulled for having adulterated stuff in the talc. I have a small heater in the bathroom to warm up the bones and if the powder floats in there, the whole bathroom smells like baking scones. Now back to the tiles, I would love them in pearl and matt hint of palest pink, just a blush, nothing more kitsch than a hot pink bathroom or purple with a gold bath, I couldn't bring myself to post that.
Go to town in the comments except if I've insulted your purple bathroom. I know it's not yours Andrew, you're more the sultry lux crimson.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Poor Antikva, crunched a fetlock again.

She blamed me for telling her to be careful and demanded to know why her bedroom hadn't been prepared and posted.  Very hard to find a black and gold over the top room but I think this does the job.  I did find a black and gold bathroom to match but it was so dark it didn't show up well.  In fact it was so dark I would have had to put in strobe lights so she would find the fittings and not fall in the bath and crunch another fetlock.
The seat at the end of the bed looks big but only because at the push of a button, a flat screen tv slides up and has been pre-loaded with every season of Midsomer Murder.

Every time I look at this I want to close my eyes and sleep.  An unexpected visitor last week had me trying to do two years house cleaning in two days. I didn't do too badly with one small pile still left which is mostly papers and plastic bags, some of mother's still with me. Now I could have sworn I'd been through all of her stuff but friend who dragged another two bags to the op-shop rang and said she'd found my enduring Power of Att. in a pocket of a purse, dated 2000.  I must check that I haven't still been carrying around in my new purse another copy.  It reminded me that I have to change my will again, more money but only needs one paragraph.  No funeral, since I intend to outlive you all but I'll send a tweet and you lot can organize the grog blog get together. I've been told that in the spirit world there is no sense of time so we can have a 20 year party and not get bored. The LNP are going to the other place so we won't be worried by them.

Take care Antikva, you only have two legs.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

I'll have the best

 The dazzling Swarovski Room on the top level, mine all mine. Sometimes though I have been asked to turn all the lights on if it's too foggy for the local lighthouse. Now that I look at it I could use larger bedside tables, I could barely get a glass and the gin bottle on those. No wonder I keep dropping the glass and here I was thinking that I must make four my limit. I'll call my architect tomorrow.

Now don't worry about shouts for help or the clinking of chains, he calms down after a while.  It's not like I'm asking too much for him to just sit in a chair so I can look at him. Honestly the carry-on when I first bought him up here from the slave market and all he was going to get was a bath and a hair cut.
So absolutely cute sitting with all those rainbow bubbles floating around the bathroom and I did give him plenty of large towells.
I'd take the chains off if he didn't keep trying to run away and I suppose I'll have to let him go eventually. He says my eyes are wearing the skin off him but his sparkle just goes so well with the room.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

How could I lose a bedroom?

Now I thought this would suit Annie O'Dyne although the Cheval mirror will have to go. The last thing we need first thing in the morning is a mirror especially one that big.
Plenty of chairs for you to stagger from one to the other.
A early morning tea table with room for a computer will be rolled in first thing.
Matching chair below hides a secret so let's just say you won't have to stagger on two sticks in the middle of the night looking for the ensuite. 

Now, River, I have to disappoint you with the teal colour, I've searched everywhere but cannot locate that bedroom.
I think this will do just beautifully, it has a matching Lola chair where she will be so comfortable.
No chandelier but isn't that panel in the ceiling just divine and there are chandeliers either side for book reading.
I think I would love waking up here although I would need a much larger bed, a lot of me would be hanging over the edges of this sweet bed.