Friday, January 13, 2012

Burmese Glass

The beautiful shading of Burmese Glass is something glorious.  Queen Victoria is credited with naming this as it reminded her of a sunset in Burma.  Antique ware is rare but Fenton Glass is still manufacturing items.  The surface was finished with acid giving it a satin look.

This lovely vase was manufactured by the Mt. Washington Glass Company of Massachusetts which introduced the line in 1885 and produced it for about 10 years.

The addition of calcium based minerals such as fluorospar and feldspar made the glass opaque then a small amount of gold was added for the top pink portion.  A moderate amount of uranium oxide was used to produce the soft yellow tone.  This is a Webb mother of pearl finish with a painted overlay

This vase is similar but is called Peachblow, the bottom is pink to red at the top and is not satin finished. It has a raised gold painted overlay.

This has to be my favourite.  Burmese glass was used for fairy lights and they are still being produced.  This is an example of late Victorian work and I really want this on my dressing table. The soft glow of a tealight candle would show up the hand painted butterfly to perfection. The delicate colour of the fluted edge is just me.


  1. This is my 1,441st blog post. 6 years and still going.

    And in other news, I'm going to be a great auntie. That is something that will take a while to post about probably around the time I punch my sister in the mouth.

  2. Peachblow has won my heart. Though I would happily find room for any or all of them.

    I am a great aunt. Something I have difficulties with. I was never a good aunt and now I am a great aunt (and a better great aunt that I was an aunt. And my eldest great niece is 18. Something I really have difficulties with.

    Six years? Wow. Congratulations. Though I suspect it is your readers who celebrate rather than you. And the punching post is something to look forward to.

  3. The third one. I have the spot for it. My birthday is in October, so you have time to save.

  4. I love these.
    I couldn't have them in my house cos they'd just collect dust and get knocked off shelves but they are gorgeous to look at.

  5. 1441 posts?
    Holey doughnut!!
    I'm super impressed!

    As for that Burmese glass, it's gorgeous and I love it. Especially the second mother-of-pearl vase.

  6. I like the middle two, with the third one being my favourite! I'm not really a pink person, but the combination of colour in this one is just lovely - I like the shape, too!

  7. EC, I actually put my foot through a glass door trying to kick my sister after she'd driven me too far. Funny thing is that all her workmates have said she'll be a terrible grandmother and she's most indignant.

    I love the fairy light.

    Andrew, I can see little Jo just loving it as much as her dear uncle. You do have a very high spot for it?

    Jayne, I have so much dust I'm thinking of exporting it to countries that don't.
    Every time I move something there's a big undust spot.

    River, my favourite as well but no-one likes the fairy light.

  8. Jay, I think it's the delicate balance between the two, a bit darker and it would be garish.

  9. Funny, 3 years in Burma and never saw anything like this. Queen Victoria's memroy, then...

  10. They are so beautiful - how about I punch your sister and you do mine - then they won'd know where it came from - but then again I'd like toe pleasure of mine actually knowing where it came from

    1441 posts! Wow...I think I started 2005 - will have to check