Thursday, October 27, 2005


This shopping day writing could become a regular whinge. I can't believe how much food has gone up in two weeks. I get the same things and I use a calculator so Safeway can't fool me. I keep remembering old film from 1930s Germany when people used a barrow to carry money for food and wondering when I'll have to do the same. Cat food is a better investment than Telstra and it's gone up because steel for the cans has gone up. Can't you lot put it in plastic so I'm not lining the pockets of the wealthy and the wealthier who throw their spare change into BHP?
I couldn't even afford to buy Blue magazine. I never thought I'd come down to deciding whether to feed my inner perve or my outer woman.
So, because I'm in a snotty mood here's my up-your-nose to all the evangelical, fundamentalist, christian anti-science wastes of space. A last word on my penguins, my precious atheist penguins.
Some species can expel their poop with such force it can land 40 centimetres away. The penguins have to generate internal pressures of up to 60 kilopascals, which is more than 4 times the peak squeeze typically exerted by humans. (hope that's TMI for them)
Next time the Godsquad turns up at the zoo to praise the tuxedo wearers, I hope the penguins turn their backs and do what every scientist would love to do.

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