Saturday, November 05, 2005


I would really like to have a lazy Friday like QueerPenguin and post luscious naked men but I still haven't figured out how to link or post pictures. I'd guarantee they'd be better than Sam's seedy lot especially that underwear modelling soccer player he directed me to last week. I wouldn't believe that's human until I heard it talk.

So I'll just run through a few odds and ends (still sounds like QP's men).

The Nationals member for Riverina, Kay Hull and Liberal member, Sharman Stone have both called for the ban of RU486 to be lifted. That should get them both branded as Mary Magdelenes and stoned by the religious reich.

Pakistan has raised its death toll from last month's earthquake to more than 73,000. More will die in the next few months from related illnesses, injury, disease and exposure. Put that against Katrina's toll to get perspective. If America stopped bombing for one day and donated the money, the death toll would drop and Americans might regain some respect.

During October, Australia had 7 earthquakes in the outback. Only small, but earthquakes none the less. So stick that, anyone who thinks it's safe to bury nuclear waste anywhere. Where there are grumbles there can be roars.

In England tomorrow they celebrate Guy Fawkes' failure to blow up Parliament. It's traditional to have firecrackers and bonfires but authorities have warned that anyone sneaking household or noxious rubbish on to the fires will be prosecuted. We don't celebrate it here which is okay by me although a ring of bonfires around Parliament House could wake up the morons inside.

Revenge of the Sith is on sale on DVD. (There goes next week's food)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire starts in 14 long days and it had better be in Gold Class.

Serenity DVD on sale in December. (Christmas present for me)

John Howard is a bigger creep than he was last week.

Kim Beazley is trying to beat him by being a bigger fool.

And last but not least, tomorrow is the birthday of one of the two most precious, gorgeous creatures in my life. Happy Birthday S. Alright, Alright, one of the four etc. etc., snivelling cats can be so needy.


Brownie said...

Putting pictures on your blog: this is how I do it - I have a program called Hello, and if I save the picture to my desktop, then I drag it onto the Hello icon and that wakes Hello up and it says 'Do you want to send a picture?'.

It may be simpler to look at the picture adding facility that is on the Blogger Dashboard somewhere. They added that after I got into my Hello routine, and I am too dumb to change.Good Luck!

Gerry said...

I'm not stalking you, Brownie. Promise. It's just that you seem to pop up wherever I go.

Now I forgot what I was going to say to CW. Drats...

Davo said...

Hi CW, I like your sense of humour.
There's a little 'picture' icon at the top of the 'compose' screen, click on that and it will bring up another screen which tells you how to insert pictures. The 'links' bit is more complicated. Have only just managed to figure it all out myself, so if you'd like to email me through WW, I'll try to explain in more detail. Cheers