Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Goddess of Mothers and Daughters has spoken. No operation for mother, her eyes are fine if just a little fuzzy, like looking through windows that need cleaning. No macular degeneration due to diabetes, no glaucoma, faint beginnings of a cataract but nothing to worry about.

As for me I've survived three days out of five without committing matricide. It was close when I found her hiding another two sets of Christmas lights in the spare room to add to the thirty sets she already has. I will elaborate on the monster that is Christmas house lighting to rival the Griswolds after I've had my blood pressure checked.

How about me then, my first photo on the blog and such a luscious drop too. I have some more of him but I'm rationing the goodies. I've even printed some out for the fridge door. The usual well-intentioned summer diet kick start is due but the door boys need a refresh. I had to get rid one of the best last summer when mother lifted a fridge magnet and said it looked 'just like your father'. Far too much information that was so he had to go.

Speaking of men, no, speaking of weasels, from the Prime Weasel down to the Weasel for Health.
Why all the running around for a drug smuggler when they wouldn't help a gay man in trouble in Fiji? Not that I agree with the death penalty at all but if the government demands our laws are to be respected then they have to respect the laws of other countries. The Weasel for Health, doesn't seem to respect women at all. I suppose we should be grateful he wasn't a doctor, think of the women he would have sold down the river then. As for a conscience vote on the abortion pill, that will work when there is a law making politians park their religion at the door of Parliament. How can they say they revere the life of the unborn child when they have no respect for the bearer of that child?
Democrats Senator Andrew Murray is upset that workers will be forced to work on Christmas Day without penalty rates if they have a contract which does not include them. Surprised?
The Federal Government is considering some amendents to it's IR laws so outworkers in the clothing industry won't be exploited as if they aren't exploited 100% already. Liberal Senator David Johnston says he would like stricter rules regarding the inspections of outworker workplaces. I liked to see that, inspections of every little kitchen where mother and kids work day and night to make food money. They'd be so frightened of losing the work they'd hide everything to make it look good.

On to the trivial. Every TV program is having its final airing next week. Lost is on a repeat which is fine because I missed a lot of the first episodes. So what objectionable little gems are lying in wait for us? I don't care actually, I have eight seasons of the X Files, five seasons of Babylon 5 and ice skating tapes going back 10 years. I think I would have been one of the greatest skaters ever because there's no way I would have let my backside crash onto hard, cold, wet ice. If they ever start playing football on ice skates I might watch a game or two.
I did watch King Solomon's Mines last night. What a waste of time. If they're going to make a repeat then make a good one not a carapace for ads. One of the ads was for Jon English which reminded me how good that gravel voice is. Record search coming up tomorrow because I've got them all and I suddenly miss them.

I'm going to wash the dishes now, I'm down to chopsticks and paper plates (there's a sink under there somewhere) then I'm going to make a dress and dye my hair, I mean enhance my natural colour.

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