Saturday, December 17, 2005


Racial tension - racial conflict - race war. A group of bronzed "Aussies" beating up a group of bronzier "wogs" beating up a group of bronzed "Aussies" beating up a group of bronzier "wogs" etc. etc. etc. Shove them all in the Sydney Cricket Ground and let them go. Last man standing proves nothing. One group spits out comments about immodest Aussie women. The other group has a go at ragheads. See a pattern here, hidden in the race war is the usual war on women.

The Senate Committee is supposed to be about RU-486 since abortion is already legal but it's going to be hi-jacked into rolling back the abortion law. Francis Sullivan, Chief executive of Catholic Health Australia says,
"It is a judgement based on what is socially acceptable, not just technically feasible."
"This level of consideration does not fall within the competency of the TGA."
"The responsibility falls to the community's representatives, namely the government of the day."

Well listen up you patronising, Bible bashing, hymn singing, women hating Parliamentarians. Women do not like abortion. No woman likes the thought of abortion but in a lot of circumstances, none of which apply to men, abortion is the only option. Accidents happen, the pill doesn't work, condoms break, rape occurs. Women demand the right to choose what is best for us not what men want to impose on us. If we do have to terminate, and there's not a woman anywhere that decides that without hours of agonised thought, then we demand the right to have it done safely.
This is war on women.

Another sideline skirmish in this battle is denying the Medicare safety net to Lesbian parents who get PREGNANT and want to be PREGNANT and want to bring up their children. How hypocrital can men get? Deny women who don't want children then turn around and deny women who do want children. At least men are consistent in this war, deny women everything they want for their health.

It's the same with a November report about the dangers of ceasarean births with a first child because of the risks involved having a natural birth with the second. Women who try for natural birth in a second baby usually have had an emergency c-section with the first and know the risks. After all, the most dangerous thing a woman ever does in her life is give birth. Put ten women in a room and you will get five horror stories. We're designed to give birth in our teens when everything is supple and moving easily so if older women weigh up the risks of natural against ceasarean then it's their informed choice. And if they have a ceasarean with the first, they'll have it with the second.

Like abortion, women are made to feel guilty about not having a natural birth. Look at actress Kate Winslet who concealed the ceasarean birth of her first child because she felt as if she had failed as a woman. I hope this report stays just a report and doesn't become another Medicare issue to save money by making it harder to claim for a ceasarean birth.

We aren't stupid, we think and make informed choices about a multitude of issues every day and one of those choices is what we will and will not let men decide for us. All of those pious cretins in Canberra can pronounce on these issues but don't expect us to take you seriously until the first man gets pregnant and gives birth or is so horrified by this event, he decides to take RU-846.


Gerry said...

I agree with you. But Why vent only at men. What about all those Christian (and other) women who are against abortion? Why blame it all on men. Fair suck of the sav, JahTeh. A totally loaded rant.

Many men agree with the pro-choice lobby. Many women are actually anti-abortion. So how about you do your cause a bit more justice by not harangueing us with your skewed stereotying.

Ambush blogging!

JahTeh said...

You can't ambush a pacifist, I'll just give up.

Mother Damnable said...

There have been 2,000 years of Patriarchy. Men have done THIS! If you don't like it that's tough.

Women have a perfect right to speak out and goodnes knows that right was hard enough won.

Don't think that the 60 or so years of "freedom" given to women makes us as culpable as men concerning the state of the world because it doesn't.

suki said...

Firstly, thanks for the compliment over at gerry's blog.

Maleness is often peripheral to what we really hate which is the misuse of power in the form of oppression. In the case of reproductive rights we have an absolute right to determine.

JahTeh said...

MD, a quote from Emmeline Pankhurst, "If men will not do us justice, they shall do us violence."
We have look after them though because they're still evolving.

Suki, I wish I had your quiet reasoning, I haven't quite got the soft word and carry a big stick thing perfected yet.

Gerry said...

We have look after them (men) though because they're still evolving.

What an inflmmatory and supercillious thing to say.

Seems you want to incite conflict... Is it so you can play the victim? Would that somehow make you "right", JahTeh?

Fur phuque's sake, GET OVER IT!!!