Sunday, December 11, 2005


So what, you say. Well for me remembering what day it is, calls for celebration.

Nearly half way through December and I've forgotten to post the November earthquake report. Nine earthquakes in Oz last month, six of them north of Kalanie in Western Australia. Is there something in Kalanie we should know about? Big meteor in the sky last week. That film with David Duchovny about the giant worm/slug/snake thing, name escapes me but the movie doesn't. That was filmed outback. Keep you posted.

I found the perfect Christmas present for the parents of those kids you hate. I had to control the panic attack on seeing this on full display, THE SOUND OF MUSIC SING-A-LONG VERSION on DVD. The horror, the inhumanity, the total disintegration of a family gathering as an entire room full of Mini-Marias go full bore. It must go to someone, somewhere on a hate list.

One for me, if I was solvent, if I could stand kids, if I didn't want to hit all Santas with a brick. Steamrail Victoria has a Santa Special Picnic train going to Geelong on Sunday Dec. 18. A steam locomotive and heritage carriages. Picnic lunch in the parks and foreshore at Geelong. Love it.
Every holiday for years our treat was a steam locomotive trip somewhere. Up at dawn with the boys (son and brick outhouse), Spencer Street and steam engine. Every mother should be a hero to her kids for one moment and mine was providing swim goggles so they could spend the entire trip with their heads out the window and no cinders in the eyes. It was then I realized I must be doing something right when they offered to share goggles with the other kids. *sunbeams in the heart* Something else I must have been in a former life, a sherpa. I managed to carry food for three, drinks, extra clothes (they always found water, little camels) books (me), cameras, torches, swiss army knife and kitchen sink on my back.

That leads into one of my favourite hates. Fat mothers who say they want to loose weight so they can play with their kids. I say 'whadaloaddarubbish'! I hiked up mountains, waded creeks, climbed down cliffs, rode a bike, snorkled with the boys and I was so fat we had to look out for Japanese scientific research vessels.

Ending the week goodly was Barmey actually crossing the floor and keeping a promise. Ending the week badly was Family First Fielding voting for VSU. He said no deals were made but as an opponent of RU-486, I wouldn't trust him an inch. Brenden Nelson and the Prime Miniature aren't divulging what was discussed at the meeting prior to the vote. HAH!

In good news for me and Mandy Vanstone, being overweight is not nearly as bad for our health as everyone says. Of course, being overweight and a liberal minister is not necessarily good for Mandy V's health but I'm okay. Haven't read the full article yet, I'll save it for a snack break later. There'll be a catch there somewhere. I'll fill you up, er in, next week. I think I've got enough sedition in this week.

Be warned, I'm finishing a meme.


Brownie said...

Ha! Over at AfterGrogBlog - their discussion of the Top 100 films agrees to barrack for the NAZIS in Sound Of Music.

JahTeh said...

The only thing worse would be screening this in a theatre with sing-a-long words.

Mother Damnable said...

.....Oh My! You'd hate my Chrimbo then ~ I never can wait for the sound of music to come on, I always sing along at the top of my voice whilst cooking dinner!

I also sing along to the Carol service, and shout at the Queen.

My excuse is it's good exercise for my lungs :>)

I hope you'll forgive me ;>)

Good to meet you Brownie

JahTeh said...

I'll put that down to the coldness of Christmas in England. You need something to keep you warm.