Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Extract from The Australian newspaper, December 27.

"renegade Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said he would oppose any Liberal backbench pressure for the Coalition to allow gay civil unions, mainly because it would entrench the rights of gay men and lesbians to adopt children.

"You can do what you want, but once you start coming on somebody else's rights then you've got to pull back," Senator Joyce said. "You will end up, it's just the nature of the beast, having to argue about why they are not allowed to adopt kids."

"People will say there are so many bad mothers out there and I would make a better mother, and people always look for the exception of the rule to prove their position, and in the end you have a child growing up with a father and a father or a mother and a mother."

Senator Joyce said that while people might think it was their right to have a child, it was wrong to bring up children without a father and a mother.

"You're now dealing with someone else's rights - the child's rights - and the child has the right to have what nature gives them, both a father and mother to balance themselves up psychologically, emotionally and everything," he said.

"It's asking too much of a young child to try and explain....why they have a dad and a dad not a dad and a mum."

There are so many things wrong with those words that I'm inclined to give Barnaby the benefit of the doubt knowing how afflicted he is with Foot in Mouth disease.

This is not only an insult to gay fathers and lesbian mothers who are successfully bringing up their children but show a total lack of understanding of how Australian families have changed.
There are single mothers, divorced mothers, widowed mothers, divorced fathers and widowed fathers, all bringing up children without partners.

A young child accepts its parents without question and why would a child have to explain anything? If nature has given a child same sex parents then I think the child will handle it a lot better than Barnaby.

If he thinks having a father and a mother is better then I suggest he checks the relevant government department for the child abuse statistics for the Christmas/New Year period. He then can check the whole of 2005.

As for the child's rights, they have the right to be loved, to be kept safe, to be fed and clothed, to sleep at night without fear and to have parents, same sex or other who do all of these for them.


thesonofdamion said...

People assume that abuse is just sexual. People assume that children can only grow up well adjusted within a heterosexual relationship. People assume that by default the mother will make a better job of bringing up a child. Most people assume that men are the child abusers.

My mother used to throw knives at me amongst other forms of abuse. My Nan used to beat me up with a belt using the buckle to full extent. My mother's cousin would often join in the fun too.

I find out that my father whom was denied access or contact. Has fathered 15 children all of whom have had their university paid for and are all well adjusted.

On Xmas day my mother said..."I wish I had aborted you..."

My mother died on Xmas day 2005. The one thing a child needs is love...and sometimes our own parents can't give that for their own reasons.

JahTeh said...

Abuse is abuse whether it is physical, sexual or mental. The hardest part is not to pass it on to your own children.

Mikhela said...

My next door neighbour is five, she has known my partner & me since she was born. Recently she said:
'Are you & L sisters?'
'No' I said.
'Are you cousins?'
'Are you wives?'
'Yes!' I said, 'That's right, we are wives.'
Not very complicated, for a five year old.