Friday, January 27, 2006


I wanted to be like everyone else in blogland and post a photo of my one remaining cat but he's camera-phobic. Like a rock star caught with his pants down, this infuriating animal can detect the opening of a camera bag at 2 kms. Even if I get close enough, at the last minute he will put his paws over his face.

I have found a new website that hosts a carnival of cats and they are gorgeous.

I will capture him in the end and I'm starting to sneak up on him with the zoom lens.


JD Allen said...

One concept for you ma'am: "big telephoto lens". You get some damned interesting shots when you can be far away - people, animals, all photos are better un-posed, I think.

Those fake photo-smiles! Catch somebody in a real smile and compare photos. Real is 1000X better.

Mother Damnable said...

aaw, thanks for the link.

My Ginger Kitty is very pregnant at the moment, I'm working out how to put photos up because i just disapear into kitten heaven when there's babies in the house :>)

Please don't tell me how naughty I am for not getting my cats sterilized, they all love the babies, love being aunties and the kittens have four mums and that's not including me!

Because everyone else has had their cats done, kittens, the ideal pet for a city dweller are much sought after and I have a waiting list :>)

JahTeh said...

I visit you quite often JD, still can't make a comment for some reason, but I'm lurking.

No more for me after Mr. Camera-shy goes. I'll content myself with blog kittens.

JD Allen said...

A nice person like you probably has no business in a nasty place like my blog.

Not that you are not welcome, of course. I just do whatever comes off the top of my twisted mind.

JahTeh said...

JD, always good to see what the other side is thinking.