Friday, January 20, 2006


Hit with two memes this week, both designed to let the world at large know what a nut job I am.
Here are my 5 wierdest habits.

I never step on ants. I'll stomp on anything else except bees, I always say hello to bees. I also talk to dogs and cats when I'm out walking. Unsociable creeps never answer.

My house is generally a pigsty except for my cupboards and wardrobes. My 'in case I ever get asked out' dresses have one wardrobe and their own dress bags. 'Going shopping' dresses and the house rags have another. I always change the minute I get home and hang my dresses up. That's the extent of my housework.

I never pee at parties unless it's in danger of running out of my ears. I try to make it home and leave the toilet door open when I go out. It's okay, I don't have a dog to drink out of the bowl.

I can't leave home without polish on my toenails. It draws attention away from the funny fat legs.

I can't sleep unless I have a shower at night and wear perfume. (which hasn't worked because it's 2.30 a.m. and it's hot)

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