Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Memo to QueerPenguin! If you're going to renovate the blog, at least give your poor fans some kind of warning. Nothing like logging on and getting the eyeballs scorched with a heavy dose of radioactive pink. I thought I'd moved into the twilight zone. I love the Carmen Miranda Penguin, jealous of it actually, I want it.

I slept in again this morning. I didn't think I'd miss those golden eyes boring into my skull at 7 o'clock precisely and that includes adjusting for daylight saving. I'm not speaking to his Lordship's brother who, showing no respect, brought home a friend to play with. Miss Ginger Fluffy is new to the area but is not a stray, I hope. We always imagined we had an invisible cat sign on our gate that automatically flashed "vacancy" when one departed as we never seemed to go below three cats. For interested parties, I can recommend the Crystal Kitty Litter, practically have to mortgage the house to buy it but it's worthwhile.

While I'm on about expensive goodies. Passionfoods at 219 Ferars St., South Melbourne have Green & Black's organic vanilla chocolate but at $6.95 for a 100 gram block I'd have to think twice about breaking a diet for it.

I have a question for the Kraft Company. If you're going to make your food in China, where are the raw ingredients coming from? I spend half my time in the supermarket trying to buy only Australian or at a pinch, New Zealand so Kraft is out. Dick Smith has a new customer.

I have been trying to keep this post light to keep my mind off the obscene amount of money that the U.S. will probably spend on this immoral war but it's not working. The good that nearly two trillion dollars would do in this world for poverty and disease, to stop the suffering of children and make Americans respected is incalcuable. But instead a few will get disgustingly rich, millions will die and they wonder why people will spit at their flag. Can someone shove a photo of dying children in the snow of Pakistan under Bush's imbecile nose.


Brownie said...

' I spend half my time in the supermarket trying to buy only Australian' - Yes Yes me too.
I like to get hold of staff and ask them to help me find Australian food.

we have more coastline than any other copuntry but there is NO canned australian fish. NONE.

beware those inexpensive herbs and spices from China with cyanide and DDT on them.

Crystal said...

copuntry ? she's pissed again sad old thing.