Thursday, January 12, 2006


I usually don't have a good time over Christmas and New Year or for the whole of January. I uncurl from the foetal position when February approaches. This year has been different. No floods of tears, a trickle here and there. No increase in chemical assistance to get through the jingle jangle of jolly ho ho ho's.

The Blight didn't annoy me by sending a Christmas card and I repaid the favour by not sending him a birthday card reminding him that he is officially OLD and I'm not.

I did not overload what's left of my credit card with goodies, not even for myself.

I did not buy a lot of chocolates for Christmas. I did that after when they were half price and I could get twice as many.

I restrained myself from buying Christmas ornaments in the sales. I haven't put the tree up for years but I can't resist ornaments.

Even New Year's Eve didn't bring on the usual depression. It's always been horrible. Even as a child I always thought, I've just survived one lousy year and now I've got to do it again. I would have been right at home with the Addams family.

I even managed to keep a secret. Not once did I lose control of my mouth and tell the family that the Brick Outhouse had a new car hidden at my place. I had no problem with this since he has actually bought a family friendly car instead of a VroomVroom. Even this is complicated. He has to sell his ute to pay for a new engine for this one and as soon as it's going, he can sell the VroomVroom which is single tankedly keeping the oil countries afloat. Only one problem, the new one is the same make and colour of the Blight's. After a week I stopped wanting to let the tyres down in a reflex action. It worried the neighbours until our resident toffee nose just had to ask if he was back.

Back on track about my happy happiness including my grogblogging adventure. Who'd have thought, me going out in the first week in January. Power to the Goddess in my soul. I knew it wouldn't last and it didn't. One step on the scales this morning and the balloon didn't burst, it went into orbit around Mars. Only 4kgs over which doesn't sound much if I say it fast but it's 4 added to the 5 I was aiming to get off by the first quarter of 2006.

I immediately took affirmative action and ate the piece of chocolate mudcake in the freezer (for emergency depression). I checked the pantry for illegal substances, clear, fridge, clear, chocolate stashes, clear. Salads, tofu and ice water all ready. Even saying it makes me feel righteous.

Exercise is next. Moving the chair away from the computer does not count. Thinking about vacuuming the floor does not count. Walking to the shop and having capuccino doesn't count even without the sugar crystals. Anyway walking is not an option at the moment until the feet heal. I might be able to spin another week of pathetic inactivity out of the possiblity of dangerous infection given the state of dog littered footpaths. I've seen you and your dogs, you might carry those little bags but you never pick up anything.

Looks like I might have to add a weight report to my monthy earthquake report and shame myself into losing the seasonal blubber before Greenpeace takes out a protection order on me.
I weigh 135kgs.

Still a good start to 2006. No major depression. Same level of crushing debt as 2005. Getting back to my natural food diet (chocolate is not food, it's medication). I'm thinking exercise. I've stopped being polite and hung up on four telemarketers in two days, although one doesn't count since it was a machine offering me a holiday in Florida but I swore at it anyway for practise. My mother's not annoying me, yet. I have another day out in February booked.

I'm happy. I wonder when the other boot will fall.


Link said...

Glad to hear of a still happy Christmas survivor. Moving your chair most definitely counts. Chocolate is of course medicinal, just get really really fussy about what chocolate you will eat. Organic Chocolate is really expensive and bloody good and pisses all over that Lindt shit which is chokka block (sorrybout that) full of sodium. Yuck. Who pray tell, needs salty chocolate? Its all the 'c' things isn't it in life? Real chocolate is quickly satiating and you dont' need much. Good luck JahTeh, get used to and accustomed to being happy, we certainly get bloody used to the inverse.

JahTeh said...

Thanks link, I feel so good I really am waiting for the other boot to fall. Lindt is expensive enough but I might try organic chocolate, for medicinal purposes of course.

Sam said...

Good work JT, and onward (not)Christian soldier into 2006 :P

Ron said...

Try dark chocolate (supposed to be good for you like a glass of red wine a day) and, so I'm told, it's vegan (although don't take my word for that 'cause I've never checked - since going vegan last August, for some reason I have lost my once-substantial sweet tooth).

Also you might like to try:
Sweet Willliam Dairy Free Chocolate which is Australian and available in many supermarkets.

I am glad to read your year is off to such a fabulous start and I hope it continues.

JahTeh said...

Ron, either remove the cat or the blowfly, it's spooky. Chocolate is not supposed to be healthy, it's supposed to be healing.

Sam, I see your program to rehabilitate DN isn't quite working.

Ron said...

I think DN is beyond rehabilitation!

I thought the gravatar perfectly reflected my cross-eyed, narrow view of the world, JT. There are plenty who would certainly agree.

Ron said...

Geez ..... I REALLY, REALLY hate these damn word verification thingies!!!!!

JahTeh said...

I hate the blowfly not the cat. Did my verification swear at you again?

Ron said...

Mortein has done its job.

Ron said...

I switched sides. ;-)