Monday, January 30, 2006


Forget the title it was just to get your attention to read this. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has put the cost of implementing the National Identity Card at $15 Billion.
That amount would build a Synchrotron in Perth, another in Brisbane and get our almost finished Monash one, on line that much sooner. Synchrotrons benefit people not government and benefitting people is a low priority for Howard. $15 Billion put into research in this country would put our scientists, already in the forefront, way ahead in scientific achievement in the world.
I hereby request that my $750 identity card cost be given to the Monash Synchrotron for research into whether Liberal party members have brains.
Cue Robert Doyle. He wants students to be legally required to sing the National Anthem and fly the flag to enhance respect in the community. 'God save the Queen' didn't leave much room for word replacing but 'Advance Australia Fair' is ripe for our budding hip hop rap teens to go to town on. Mr Doyle said under his plan, children would learn respect for authority. HaHaHaHa, not if they read newspapers reporting on Parliament, dear boy.

Enter stage left, Barmy Joyce is at again. Following up his remarks about RU486, he now criticises the HPV vaccine because it might promote promiscuity. This man should not be allowed out without a muzzle. He said that he would be "personally very circumspect about giving such a vaccine to girls who were too young to cope with the potential consequences of sexual activity". Attention Barmy, it's not an aphrodesiac, its a vaccine that could potentially save the lives of your four daughters. This is the same argument used by Muslim and Christian fundamentalists more concerned with virginity than women's lives.

Now we go straight to my other favourite thing, reality TV, not. One program I will not be watching is The Biggest Loser'. One of the contestants said his son was so embarrassed by his weight that he asked him to drop him around the corner at school so no one sees him. Personally I'd have dropped the brat on his head around the corner. A missed opportunity to teach the kid about looking past superficial appearances. The delicious prize is a lousy $200,000 and a home fitness studio.

I want follow up shows, The Biggest Re-gainer or The Biggest Removal of Empty Skin by Plastic Surgery After the Fat's Gone.

And no, the diet is not going well and no, I'm not getting back on the scales anytime soon. I looked in the mirror this morning and that was enough trauma for the week.

I think I have cockroaches in the airconditioner. I had one on the kitchen door which fell on me this morning, notice he was on the door not in the kitchen, even roaches have their limits it seems. It appears my sister is having her battles with Nature's wildlife in the form of giant slugs coming under the door and snacking on the cat food. She's tried putting down a layer of salt which didn't do a lot for the cat and didn't slow the slugs down one bit.
So I am regaling her with tales of cockroaches and spiders and she gasps, "There's a slug in the freezer!", which leaves me with visions of gravity defying slimers. Turns out she wandered into the kitchen sans clothing, to find one enjoying a four course at the cat's dish. She picked it up in a tissue and put it in the freezer. I can follow the reasoning, it's a bit hard to nip out to the garden in one's nakedness to chuck away a slug but it was a week ago and she'd just remembered. It's okay, she doesn't keep food in the freezer, just the vodka.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, only women with unhealthy brains get on the bathroom scales at every opportunity

Link said...

You covered quite the gamut in this post Jah Teh! WTFs a Synchotron?

JahTeh said...

Anon, I also have a very unhealthy backside.

Link, For you I'll do a post on Synchrotrons and I'll let you know the next open day for the Monash one.

Link said...

Thanks Jah Teh, I await with baited breath!

Anonymous said...

If only we could all have the self esteem of cats; no matter how wide or narrow, or blotched or scarred the feline, they each believe they are the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet. (sorry, I mean in the universe)

R H said...

Why are you always so concerned about the mirror? Everyone is critical of how they look in a mirror.

If you're fat, so what?
It makes you no less interesting.

JahTeh said...

rh, the mirror is truth, one should never hide from the truth and it makes me work harder on my personality which lasts a lot longer than the body.

Anon, cats don't have self-esteem, they have superiority.

R H said...

Did I say hide?

I didn't say hide.

What are you trying to do, get me in controversy? If you want the truth you won't find it in fashion shots. Those dolls pics are retouched so much their own mothers wouldn't know them. They don't exist. If you want to beat yourself up go ahead. No one can stop you.

JahTeh said...

rh, you're so sweet when you're being defensive. It never ceases to amaze me how the camera can love a face as plain as a pikestaff but does nothing for a stunner.
No beating up here but I see you've had a few blog beatings lately.

R H said...

Damn right, I've had more beatings than the ALP

Yes well they just don't understand me, don't know what I'm on about, that's all. When they do they'll lynch me.

Anonymous said...

Superiority? Where do you buy that?