Monday, January 02, 2006


This is the first day of the rest of your life and whose little head feels like this then?


R H said...

Yes well it must be terribly amusing to be pissed and stupid. ho ho ho, that's hilarious.
And be sick next day? An even bigger laugh. ho ho ho. Marvellous talent.

Ron said...

Not me! Don't drink.

But am tired and cranky due to hot and sleepless punctuated by yobbos letting of crackers and sending my dogs berserk. They shouldn't be doing Karoake either.

Temperature has been in the mid 40s and I hope they got the forecast of a cool change tonight and rain tomorrow right. Right now I wish I were a prayin' man!

JahTeh said...

Rain has hit Melbourne and my cats are actually starting to come to life.

Damn the crackers, every dog in the street went berserk at midnight.

Mother Damnable said...

Hope you're feeling better now.

Long link I know, sorry, but as you helped to inspire it I wanted you to see it :>)

Happy New Year!

JahTeh said...

MD, How did you get my photo?

Mother Damnable said...

...oh I just came across it, as you do!

Mother Damnable said...

I managed to sort out my blog links and linksed back to Copper Witch is that ok JT?