Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I practically gave away an entire blog post commenting on the biggest loser at LP. I gave it another 10 minutes again tonight and that's about all I can take without rushing out and mugging someone for a chocolate bar.

There is something wrong with this show and I've been trying to get my mind around it for the past two days. My sister loves the show but then she loves Big Brother. She says she likes to watch the interaction between the people. All I can see is ugly but not the package just what is inside.

What is it about these people? Why were they chosen, apart from qualifying as morbidly obese?
They've talked about why they want to lose weight and self- esteem issues but how can low self-esteem equate with exposing yourself to a national television audience who are not watching just to see how much weight is lost but who has the weakest will power?

The show is on at a time when children are still watching. How many biggest loser taunts are going to be yelled at the fat kids at school next day? How many are going to be voted out of the playing group in a mini version of this show? I am really pissed off about this especially since I still can't put my finger on why.

I'm not uncomfortable with my size, I see it in glorious technicolour in the mirror every morning. I would make a very good board game, down the wrinkles, up the operation scars. Perhaps I'm comfortable with it because it's never going to be exposed to the critical gaze of men again in my lifetime.

I'm glad I'm not young and faced with the barrage of skinny tarts looking at me from every magazine. I do mean tarts in the old fashioned meaning of the word, now I'm really showing my age but tits and arse do not a lady make. (so neither does swearing but I'm old I can get away with it)

This show would not inspire me to lose weight, in fact it wouldn't inspire me to anything other than a sprint to the fridge.


Davo said...

AAaaargh, please try to find how t put an email link onto ya blog ..Link is the missing link Arrgh!

JahTeh said...

I'm beginning to think that the best way to go is to hire a computer nerd from the local high school to give me lessons. I mean you are talking to someone who has a high tech can opener with the instructions pasted on the handle.

Ron said...

If I lived alone, a TV is one thing that I would not have in my house. I can watch DVDs on my computer (then again, I could also get off my bum and GO see a film at a cinema!).

The brainless stuff on TV they call entertainment is downright insulting to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. The ABC is not better than the commercial stations these days.

JahTeh said...

That's okay for those who have wireless connect thingies on computers. Now I get to replay the ice skating I couln't watch last week, sitting down I mean. I had to tape standing up and walking.

Agree about the brainless stuff, not one science fiction show anywhere.

R H said...

Ron, what you say about TV proves you definitely have intelligence.

But I'm depressed by the cinema as well. Most of it is just pitiful.

(bmxoe. That's what I got)

(On your bike RH!)