Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I sent an e-mail to Chris Pearce about his fairy remarks. I told him I was old enough to be his mother and if I was I'd wash his mouth out with soap and water. Carbolic soap and water.

Tony Abbott is still trying to drum up support in the Reps. If not killing babies was so important to you, why where you so anxious to get the Defence Portfolio? Give it up, Tony, we women with brains don't like you.

Yea for ice skating. Brilliant and gorgeous and painfull to watch with dodgy knees.
Boo for not remembering to put a tape in the video to capture it all.
One thing I can't watch, dodgy knees again, is the moguls. Every time those skis bounce, I wince.

Chocolate do-nuts are wonderful for pain and no, they're not Jenny Craig approved. I hate whoever it was that put the bakery next to the fresh vegetables and fruit. Usually I can sail past without looking but not when the freshly iced little rings of badness are just being loaded onto the shelves. My name is Copperwitch and I am a carbo-holic.

Going grogblogging again on Friday. I was trying to do a bit of creative accounting when my sister won her phone bill and my night out, on the horses.
She has a secret to winning.
She works hard all day,
goes to the pub,
has a vodka or two,
studies the form guide diligently,
writes out the ticket without her glasses which she has left at work,
Puts down the right horse but wrong number

Bless generous gambling sisters, they will not inherit the earth but lose it in the first poker game with alien invaders.


Ron said...

Donuts - yum!

I haven't had one since I went vegan last August but I remember what they taste like - very much so. Yum.

I buy some fresh from a bakery on Thursdays for my daughter to have for a snack before drama class and the smell of them drives me WILD.

JahTeh said...

That's it, never, never turning vegan.
I can usually resist but not when they were so fresh and not a drop of icing or chocolate did I miss. Men's aftershave for fat ladies, Eau de Donut.