Saturday, February 11, 2006


My swear box is getting some use now that Parliament is sitting which is more than I can do.
What is it with a complaint that lets me stand, walk, lay on one side but doesn't let me sit without red hot burning needle type pain all the way to the bottom of my foot.

Note the size of the speaker on my computer and you will get the size of the huntsman spider mentioned in a previous post.

Now to the serious business of *choke* saying I admire Mandy Vanstone's speech yesterday.
"If you can come to a view that there can be a just war, why can't there be a just abortion?"
Fat Ladies Rule! for the moment until she gets back to doing something stupid for her inferior boss.

I am so sorry for Ickle Abbott and the way that nasty people have used his religion against him. Since he's being such a martyr, I'd like to nailgun him to the main door of Parliament House so women can wipe their hands on him.
He says the vote was a slight on ministerial professionalism and a vote of no confidence in ministers. Considering how many women voted against him, he might get that message.

Underneath the door ornament, let's stretch out Bill Heffernan as a door mat. Women can then wipe their high heels on him, their very high, very pointed heels.
He thinks RU486 will unravel the fabric of family life unlike IR reforms and making single mums go back to work and leave their kids to the mercy of childcare.

Then let's forget about being civilised and go hit Barmy Joyce with one of those seal clubbing blunt objects.

And something equally as heavy to wipe the smile off the Big Ho's face (is that swearing or sedition) as he once again denigrates a section of the population because of their sexuality.

I'm not really a violent person. I'm very civilised usually. I just think these men stink


Anonymous said...

gosh, is it too late to join the back of the que? I have to pick the kids up from kindy by 5:30 or I get charged and extra $20 per 5 minutes. (it happened last week)

JahTeh said...

$20 per 5 minutes is outrageous but I'm told it's across the board which is why grandparents are being used as babysitters. Sometimes I think these men are totally out of touch.

Brownie said...

those single mums are NOT abandoning the kids to childcare, because, there are no jobs and there is no childcare.

there are no jobs for a woman who has been out of the workforce for 5 years, that pay enough money to cover the cost of childcare + living + travel + workclothes + $50 a throw for the quack.

and that bit about the wiping of the high pointy heels? No no no. the bastard might ENJOY it!

I came here to encourage you to 41 Bourke with the gang But you are in pain so better to heal properly for the next meetup.

JahTeh said...

You're right Brownie, after I put that in about Heffernan, I thought later that he was the kind to enjoy it.
It's moronic to me that this gov. wants women to have babies and then wants them to work as well.
I will be there on Friday. The way this body's ageing, it wouldn't do to wait.