Thursday, March 16, 2006


I did promise to start an archive of my craft so here are the gifts I've made for my sister over the last few years. Her Christmas presents for this year are on track for Mother's Day.

This is the jewellery box covered in mushroom pink damask. It's lined inside with compartments for rings, large pieces and small earrings. The roses are hand rolled bias cut satin and gold organza in a circle of guipure lace with a hand stitched border of pearls on the lid and base.

I matched it with a tall hat box made of the same damask with larger roses.

The next year I made a dozen coathangers of gold and ivory lame with the same hand rolled roses and pearls.
Sorry if the photography is not the best but I haven't gone digital yet. I will have to re-do the chandelier ornament as I had the flash on which made it too sparkly but the image in the mirror came out well as did the idiot holding the camera. We'll try that one again.


Brownie said...

Too divine my dear - I am genuinely impressed.
When I first saw work like that I thought 'Yes!' and immediately got a book of instruction.
I failed completely. It's harder than one would think.
The best gifts are handmade. xxxx

Mother Damnable said...

They're lovely JahTeh, really lovely :>)

JahTeh said...

I can never read instructions which is why I'm no good at teaching. I just look at something then twist it til it looks right. Not something that I can do with a computer though.