Saturday, March 11, 2006


This is my winner. Elegant, feminine, boobs that don't come round the corner 5 minutes before she does and upswept hair. It looks a bit on the red side so I'm a bit biased there and 'Dark Angel' was one of my favourite shows. Old style glamour. Yes, I can see myself in this, it's the kind of frock that could accommodate a full bodied well matured redhead. (Any smart comments will be deleted)

My runner-up. I love a black dress. I love pockets in dresses. I remember dear old Dame Zara saying that fat ladies should always have pockets to put their hands in, it slims the silhouette down. Hah, another urban myth bites the dust. Back to this number, it's filled out with flesh instead of bones and another upswept hairdo. I can't stand long hair hanging down in rats tails.
The earrings could have been a little more showy but an elegant package. Another adaptable frock for me. (First commenter dies)

Now my favourite part is when my sister gives me all the gossip rags and I get to see how they looked staggering home at 5 in the morning which is the way I usually look every day, all day.


R H said...

Well it's hard to think of an RH comment here that wouldn't be offensive, so let's just say, the wrapping is nice but anything at all would do.
Just gimmee the present.


JahTeh said...

RH, you're mellowing but greedy.