Monday, March 20, 2006


The Education Department plans a conference to help primary and secondary teachers and principal "manage sexual diversity" at school.

Gay and Lesbian Rights lobby spokesman David Scamell said schools should talk about homosexuality, tolerance and respect in the classroom.

Deakin University's Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, an expert in diversity in health and education said the Education Department conference was about celebrating diversity of families in schools.

Centre for Adolescent Health director Prof. Susan Sawyer said it was "entirely appropriate" that homosexuality be discussed in schools.

Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said at least 10 per cent of high school students were attracted to the same sex.

But the 'Head in the Sand' Australian Family Association believes issues of sexuality have no place in schools. National secetary Gabrielle Walsh asked: "Do we really want to fill our children's heads with what is the exception rather than the norm?"

Well I think we do. I agree with David Scamell that schools have a responsibility to ensure that students have a right to a safe and supportive environment. That means all students including same-sex attracted. No beatings, bullying or comments on a student's sexuality to be tolerated.

The Gay Curmudgeon had this posting.

Jamie Raskin is a professor of Constitutional Law at the American University's Washington College of Law and he testified on March1, 2006 before the Maryland State Senate opposing a proposed anti-gay amendment that would stamp discrimination into that state's Constitution.

Senator Nancy Jacobs (R) posed this queston at the end of his testimony:

"Mr. Raskin, my Bible says that marriage shall occur only between a man and a woman. What do you have to say about that?"

To which he succinctly responded:

"Senator, when you took you oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn't place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

Thank you Gay Curmudgeon and 'Bravo' to Prof. Raskin.

My absolutely last word about that event that has taken over the city.
Only Melbourne would spend 50 million dollars to prove a footballer could walk on water.


R H said...

Walk on water? Where, the Yarra? Anyone could do that. It's solid, motionless, full of old bones and cow guts. It ain't moved since 1910. That's when the last abbatoir departed. Government House once had a pipe running straight down to the Yarra bank. And from up there the Governor used to piss in it, piss in the Yarra.
Dirty old thing, poor old duffer, people buy dopey apa-a-a-a-rtments and stare down at it all day. What for? Koroit Creek is more interesting.
It's full of shit too, but at least it moves.

JahTeh said...

There was an article in the paper yesterday which said the type of clay particles in the water reflect the light which is way it's muddy. At least we don't have to build levees. I like Badger's Creek.

Ron said...

Love that response of Jamie Raskin: a classic.

They had sex ed in primary school segment on This Day Tonight a week or so ago (I only watch the damn show when I'm washing up - truly!). The couple of mothers they had on who were against it gave off that ring-of-born-again-confidence that makes you want to throw up. One of them saying she didn't want her 13yo son hearing words like uterus and erection. I mean - what rock do these people live under?

Naturally religion wasn't part of the discussion as this would've taken away the 'dramatic tension'. Anyway, I wrote to TDT (old farts have nothing better to than write complaining letters or comments all day) saying that on moral issues all participants should have to disclose religious affiliations/bias.

Gotta go ... 4 Corners is about to start and I have to get a tape in for Commander-in-Chief.

Brownie said...

Precisely. Onya Prof Raskin.
Jahteh - I have not seen one single thing to do with the 'Games' - the whole thing is merely an exercise in commerce and promotion.
Oh yes - I saw a photo of The US Secretary Of State sitting with Ron Walker at some event. You would think she had better things to do.

JahTeh said...

Brownie, you're right, I wouldn't do Ron Walker even for money.

Ron, how could you, This Day Tonight will rot your brain and so will some of the sites you've been going to lately.
It takes 7 years to be a born-again virgin and I've passed. There is no limit on my bride price now.

Gerry said...

I thouhgt I'd ease myself back into blogging by reading blogs again.


Gerry Alert! Gerry Alert!

JahTeh said...

You might be better off watching This Day Tonight, it'll rot your brain a lot slower than some blogs. Give me more warning next time, I'll post something naked and luscious for you and if you insist, I'll make it female.

Brownie said...

oh I would be happy to have the restrained bear visit my blog.

here is a present for you JT

The Lyin King -brilliantly photoshopped - you'll laugh yourself into a coughing fit (well I did).

JahTeh said...

I probably would have laughed had the link worked you bwca you.