Saturday, March 25, 2006


I'm giving you plenty of notice to hop a plane to Libya to view the total solar eclipse of 29th of March. The path of the total solar eclipse will cut across southern and eastern Libya. The point of greatest eclipse is near the northern tip of the Tebesti where totality will be 4 minutes 6.7 seconds.

Libya is expecting thousands of eclipse watchers to head for the desert. The government has tried to manage the locations to limit damage to the desert. Unfortunately one of the locations is the place pictured below, and extinct volcano, Wau Namus as seen from the space shuttle. has beautiful images and information about this volcano.

I love this area of Libya and Egypt but it's on my list of 'Travelnots'. I'm quite content reading about the expeditions, geographical features including lovely impact craters and the history in the comfort of my chair.


JD Allen said...

Yeah, they are not way up there on the tolerance scale, anywhere in the Middle East.

At least, even in Texas (mostly), we don't hack the heads off gays. They might get whupped on some, but rarely do they get their heads cut off.

We have even been known to allow people to worship (or not) as they please, without killing them.

JahTeh said...

JD, your blog ate my comment again. I'm beginning to think it has a foreigner filter. It was about your post on incompetant Generals. Look for a book on our WW1 General Sir John Monash, a man who knew his men and used them wisely. Compare him to General Blamey, WW2, who was universally despised by his men. He was almost lynched in New Guinea when he called the militia boys cowards and said they ran like rabbits. Only one small group did that, the rest fought a controlled retreat across the Owen Stanley Ranges, stalling the Japanese long enough to allow the regular troops to arrive back from the Middle East. These 18 to 20 y-olds had only very basic training and some had never even held a rifle but they did the job. Try or I hope you find these interesting.

Not quite sure what your comment was about but agree with you.

JD Allen said...

I got your comment, ma'am. It evidently just appears to have eaten it. Somewhat like some of my ex-wives.

But I'm on it, regarding the generals. I personally didn't see any in Nam, major was high as I met.

After all, it was nasty and hot and dirty where I was.