Thursday, May 04, 2006


Loaded the old chook up and off to have a heart scan and chest X-ray. The heart scan table is too high and since she's been off the anti-inflammatories for a week, it was hard work hauling her on to it. She's game, didn't swear once. Five minutes for the X-ray and back home to the bad news.

The surgery has been cancelled because of a shortage of skilled personnel. They are trying to work out who's going to have surgery next week but as I explained, if she's too long without the tablets then she'll really be unable to move. The trouble is that a mother with kids is going to be put ahead of an old lady when it comes to priority.

At least all the tests are finished and she can stay at home and practice driving me crazy. She's getting very good at it. Hopefully I can sneak back to blogging if I can find where the fragments of my mind are hiding.


Ron said...

Cancelled surgery is frustrating, stressful and lots of other things and especially not good for one's health.

When is the public going to realise that health, education, public transport should be priorities that dictate their voting intentions.

Hasn't been much of a year for you so far, has it?

Gay Curmudgeon said...

Good question Ron. My guess is that the public will realise it when it happens to someone they know and not before.


Zoe said...

Oh, JahTeh. You must be accumulating a shirtload of karma points.


Brownie said...

'the scan table too high' for anyone but an athlete to scale ...
doncha love 'em?

I keep warning everybody that 'A Hospital Is A Dangerous Place For A Sick Person'

JahTeh said...

Ron, we've just had a poll published in Victoria and health and education were top of the list.

GC, I'd rather be sick in Oz than in America. I hear the medical bills can be horrendous.

Zoe, She drives me crazy and I swear a lot but she's so willingly to keep going even with the pain.

Brownie, I tell you it's a dangerous place for a well person. I was the one holding her on the table.

Classic comment though, she says she couldn't hear her heart, was it beating?

Gerry said...

You deserve a medal, you do.