Thursday, May 11, 2006


That's right tomorrow morning we carry (literally) Mumsy to the hospital. She has been off the Voltaren for nearly two weeks and the rheumatoid arthritis has galloped. The knee joints, hands, neck and feet are red and swollen but she's still walking up and down the hall to keep some movement. She would be bedridden without the morphine. The bad news is that it will take nearly two weeks for the medication to work when she is back on it.

She took it quite well when I said I couldn't stay there at night. Going back to sleep in one's childhood bedroom might be some other's dream but I need my woolly cosy bed. Her forgetfulness is catching, last night I stapled a cheque to the envelope and threw out the doctor's bill and that was after spending an hour searching for the cheque book. It was in my elaborate filing system which is a plastic gift bag from the $2 shop.

Now just a few little things before I go.

*takes off ladylike demeanor and puts to one side* Fuck off Civitas. I never know how to reply to people like you so I go away and think about it and I have. My contribution to society over the years is 100 per cent more than you will ever give.

Lucy Tartan, I admire you and think it's disgraceful that you do not receive the monetary rewards you deserve. The fact that you keep teaching and enjoy it says heaps. I wish I had your brain.

RH, I was going to dance nekid in the moonlight and cast a spell on you for being cruel to brownies. Now I must thank you for your defence although I think you were secretly pleased to find a victim worthy of your vitriol.

Now I'm going to take some painkillers and go to bed ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


R H said...

He's not my victim, he's his own victim.
And If you dance naked under the moon, watch out, it'll shut down. Miss Brownie did it back in 1974 and caused an eclipse.

Link said...

JahTeh I don't know what to say to civitas' of the world. Fuck off comes first to mind. He's probably only a 15 year old up-start.

Good luck with your Mum.

All bills should be handled with such deft assuredness.

Zoe said...

Good luck to you and your Mum, JahTeh. And yeah, Civitas is a goose.

Ron said...

Thinking about you and your mum today, JahTeh. Sometimes I wish (but not often) that I was a prayin' man.

Ron said...

I just thread through that whole civitas thread and it has reminded me why these days I am keeping away from blogs (or, least threads on them) which have even the slightest political focus - there are some really, really nasty bastards around and the anonymity seems to make the cowards that much worse. Life is hard enough without having to read that fascist crap. Why can't the ar*eholes stay at Blair's site where they can feel completely at home with their f*ckbuddies?

Now where's my Valium?

Brownie said...

More Copperhead than a Witch today.
Bless your dear Mum - make sure she gets some great drugs to complement your great care of her.
Love to you both.

JahTeh said...

RH, What havoc Brownie and I could do dancing together. I can see it now, the Fall of the House of Howard.

Link, some people just never see the point that sometimes you need assistance. If I'd given up the house, he would have walked away with half of that, half the super and all his inherited money. I wouldn't have had the super until he retired anyway and he could work until he's 70. See I can think of all that now but not in the heat of battle.

Thank you Zoe, but I like geese so I'd put him firmly in the rodent camp.

Ron, I owe you an email, I was sure I'd sent one but I found it in the deletes and it was so out of date I couldn't send it. Love the new site, more book reviews please.

Brownie, how much do you think we could con out of RH for a home movie of us in the moonlight. I could really use a nice holiday about now.

R H said...

You'd be surprised at the amount I'd pay.
You could travel the world.

(Laughter is priceless)