Monday, May 22, 2006


From a US study - Gossiping wins us friends and boosts our self-confidence and the cattier it is, the better.
The researchers claim shared negative attitudes towards others can "promote closeness and friendship".
But, why is there always a 'but', the researchers had to admit that gossip had its drawbacks and that "badmouthing others can hurt feelings, create conflicts and stir up a cauldron of of trouble".

They didn't say how much that research cost or how long it took. An afternoon at any school mothers club would have told them the same thing.

And now one for the really silly file. Heinz is introducing ready made baked beans on toast. They have actually frozen two slices of bread with a pocket of baked beans inside which only needs to be heated in a toaster. Apparently it's done in such a way that the beans won't fall out.
At the risk of being called misogynistic, it had to be thought up by men for the use of men.

Stop making things easy, teach the idiots to cook.


Brownie said...

oh I am laughing.

If one needs one's beans on toast, then one must not need them very much.
Big jessies.
straight from the can with a fork, and cold; the way whisky is best taken straight from the bottle.

and today is a whisky day fer sure.


JahTeh said...

Geez Brownie, not from the can at least between two slabs of fresh wholemeal bread. Doorstop sangas, food of the goddess.

I hope you didn't whack away with the whisky last night at the GG's wake.

Gerry said...

Fur pharque's sake, JahTeh, get a dictionary...

Gerry said...

Please don't take my previous comment the wrong way, JahTeh. It was a joke. I was referring to your use of the word misogynist when you clearly meant misandrist. I'spose I'd better slink off now...

Ron said...
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Ron said...

Brownie, my darling, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ...

baked beans straight from the can, cold, eaten with a fork ... the only way to truly enjoy them. A gourmet meal.

(You just have to be careful you don't cut your tongue when you're licking the last of the sauce from the can!)

comicstriphero said...

Hee hee! That is gold.

What next? Cereal and milk frozen in a bowl?

Not sure on the protocol of referring to other blog threads here, but wtf is with that sniping at you over on LP?

(putting on my best gangsta-rapper accent) That shit is whack!

R H said...

C.S.Hero, she'll be pleased to see your comment, and I'm very impressed with you for making it.

JahTeh said...

Please, please wipe my mind of the image of the Ursa Major *slinking*. It conjures up visions of high heels and a little black dress.

Ron stop encouraging that brownie. I'm trying to teach it house manners, next thing I'll be in emergency with it's head stuck in a can.

CSH, He objected to the word 'homo'which came up in that blog post of yours about what words to use.
Ithink Watson has a problem with women,straight and my age. It made a great blog post. I wasn't bragging about having lesbian friends, I admire The Muriels for every thing they've been through from trying to get pregnant, to trying to get married and working for equality at the same time.

RH, I'm having a white knight suit made to fit you.

Ron said...

"RH, I'm having a white knight suit made to fit you."

I hope you have no idea whether or not he 'dresses to the left of the right'.

JahTeh said...

Watch your words Ron, I'm having one made for you as well for your LP shaking emails. Job well done. Now Left or Right or just put a wheelbarrow in front?

R H said...

RH dresses to the left in Randwick, to the right in Mosman, and wears a suit of armour along Oxford street.