Friday, May 26, 2006


It seems ages since I went shopping but it's only two weeks and the last time I wandered around with a mobile phone in my bra because mum was being operated on.

I had to walk out on her yesterday. It's the only way to stop the manipulating and I've been through it before so I'm not guilty. She just gives one more try then gets going when she knows the game's up. Our family doctor gave her heart, blood pressure and the cut line a clean bill of health so she can't use any of that.

Tuesday night I crashed. I crawled home, went to bed because I was cold and that should have warned me. When I got up to feed the cat and saw little dancing lights without any chemical assistance, I knew a mother- induced migraine had hit. It was a three pill headache and it's been a long time since I've had one of those. The cat was happy, I forgot to turn the fire off and the light and the television.

So I had a whole day to wander round Westfield. Boooooring! Not a decent male in sight to perve on. Food was expensive. The coffee was crap as usual even though I try different places every time. But joy, my lovely hand beaded wrap was found. I'm in two minds about it though, it was nice to get it back but what was so wrong with it that no-one wanted to run off with it?

I bought mumsy a new phone. I'm going to regret it. She presses a button and it's on speaker phone so she can talk forever without her arm getting tired holding a receiver. That has got to be bad. I've been watching the junk mail for a bargain but desktop phones are on the way out apparently. With her it's essential that we have at least one phone that cannot be moved (or put in a box) because she leaves them everywhere even the letterbox. We know she was supposed to carry it when she went outside in case she fell down but she was supposed to bring it back as well.

I bought a toothbrush, Chinese, 95 cents.

Update: Tony Abbott called Kelvin Thompson a snivelling grub. Well done Big Ears.

Update: John Howard has become Australia's most travelled leader clocking up 391 days overseas. There goes my theory on how unsafe air travel is.


Brownie said...

Welcome back shawl!

(and the $4 toothbrushes are made in China too)

Brownie said...

PS - forgodda say how sorry I am to hear you have the evil migraines.

Right through 1973 I was getting one a fortnight and becoming overly pethidined, then I moved from Melb to Sydney and I swear to god I have hardly had even a normal headache since. very strange but true, not that I am suggesting you move house, but, Other Forces can do more than Big Pharma ... may you nver get another.

Ron said...

That's an interesting stat on Howard's days of travelling considering that many previous prime ministers would have had to travel by ship.

I have had some serious (I'm deadmeat when the Visa bill comes in) bookshop therapy this week. Like I need another 23 books in the house!

JD Allen said...

Sometimes when my wife has them I come into the bedroom and turn on all the lights and bang pot lids together like cymbals.

I think the rage gets her over the migraine better than anything else.

The Daddy said...

The best men are all in Northlands, don't you know?! THE place to see the latest in hot red n' black trackies and shiny satin jackets with car logos.

ThirdCat said...

Glad you found your wrap. And probably the electric toothbrushes are made in China too.

JahTeh said...

Brownie I've hardly had a headache since the headache causer left.

Ron, 23 books and I had a meltdown because I found a favourite detective on the throw out table for $5. Greedy little mountain murmurer...

I love a man who takes risks JD, I mean you do keep a gun in the house don't you?

Daddy, I knew there was a reason I stay away from Northland. Do they really wear those outfits? I thought it was an urban myth. 'Shiny satin jackets' eeew.

Thirdcat, everything is made in China. I saw a programme on opals and this chap from Cooberpedy sent tiny opal chips over there to be made into little gifts. The girls sat there with tweezers and matched the colour in the chips until it looked like a complete opal. They did this for a few dollars a day and a hot meal.