Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have been listening to some tapes on loan from my sister. My sister, the gambling, drinking and swearing sister. She believes in Angels. She despises religion, can't be bothered wondering if there's a God, unless he's the God of Horseracing but she believes in Angels.

She says it's a fairly recent thing. Thirty years of nursing, mostly older people, has led her to a point where she can't explain some of her experiences in scientific terms. So she began to study the phenomenon of Angels and why they feature in every major religion. Every belief system has it's beings of light and darkness even if they're not called Angels.

According to this latest Angel tape, we don't just have one to help us, we have a mob of them. We might have one particular guide for the every day stuff but for the big decisions we can be surrounded by a think tank of waving ethereal winged beings. They are there to guide us when we ask, to gently nudge us in the right direction if we're undecided.

This is all too much lightness for my dark celtic soul. So I've given my lot the weekend off. I've told half of them to go and wrap their wings around children in peril. The other half have really got their work cut out. Their job is to sit on the shoulders of the so-called leaders of the world and whisper constantly, you are only mortal, don't presume to be anything greater.

Good Luck, Angels.


Daniel said...

Deafness is a problem for most world leaders. Apparently the ego inflates and eventually blocks the ear canals.

All angels should be issued with loudspeakers. Very big loudspeakers!

Brownie said...

Jahteh darling, you do at least get your flow-on effect (The Gold Arse) from Sister's Daily Double Angels, and well spent on Mr Depp too. *goes off sighing Chocolat, Chocolat*.

JahTeh said...

Daniel, it's amazing how people will strain to hear a whisper and ignore shouting.

Brownie, you'll have to go and see Pirates for the laughs. A couple of times I actually laughed out loud but I was sitting by myself so I didn't embarass anyone.