Friday, July 14, 2006


To celebrate Bastille Day let's have some FrouFrou. Will you just look at those green eyes! I can't post the entire face, I'd be arrested, he looks too young for me to drool over. But I have ordered those eyes in a grey haired slightly more mature piece of crumpet for my birthday or Christmas, whenever he arrives.

Good old Bastille Day. Vive la Revolution. The clack of knitting needles. The clunk of falling heads. The drums of social war. The rich hiding out. The poor trying to find them. The inevitable rise of one maggot after the other til the ubermaggot, Napoleon does them all in. He could a bin a contender for sainthood but he'd rather go to war. Then he dies. History 101 in a nutshell. The more things change the more they remain the same.

Much better to concentrate on the FrouFrou with green eyes.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"... I have ordered those eyes in a grey haired slightly more mature piece of crumpet for my birthday or Christmas ..."

I'm off toute suet to throw away me Grecian 2000 and to pick up me new peepers you put layby ('scuse me double entendre) for moi at the Medownick clinic. Seeya when I pop out of the cake - or the fireside stocking - whichever or whoever comes first ('scuse me double entendre again).

(Not sure about me crumpet-like qualifications though - more grizzled grissini.)

Andrew said...

He looks French, and no doubt you would do French with him. Just to put you off, is it true the average French person only gets through three cakes of soap a year? Probably English, those who store coal in their baths, propaganda.

Daniel said...

And you said you were going to visit my site, Jahteh, because of Robbbert's reluctance. I await your pleasure!

Speaking of Revolution, the war clouds are gathering once again. Doesn't seem to have penetrated Blogosphere yet. Is it a case of fiddling with keyboards while Rome burns?

Ron said...

No, Daniel, we are all very aware of what is happening in the Middle East and I am sure I speak for all of us here. I am praying (and I'm an atheist) that this is not the beginning of WWIII.

Most of us visit CopperWitch for her wonderful insights on daily life (the hard bits and the nice stuff), for a bit of relief from the hard slog of the world.

If only we could get people like JT into parliament. The problem is men, women, nice people etc. always turn into politicians once they get there (or perhaps before).

JahTeh said...

Aaah Guv'nor, I see your crumpet and raise your grissini!

They tend to use bidets, Andrew and I've heard they're not to good with toothbrushes either. The rest of his face is just as cute but soooo young, even for you.

Daniel, I just went to your blog and where's my long comment that went into
moderation yesterday?

That's so sweet Ron but you come here because I'm the only one who gives you naked guys. We have such good taste in men.

Daniel said...

Dear Jahteh, thanks for visiting and hope you will make your lost comment again. On another important matter I just posted this comment on another blog:

"Dear....., after getting some abusive comments from someone called Proud Israeli (who I banned from my site), I was checking Iain's site re the recent infantile comments of David Tan and I noticed that our Proud Israeli had a homepage listed.

When I clicked onto the site I found it was listed as ISRAELI MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. "

Just goes to show we bloggers can't be too careful regarding those who make comments. Cheers.

Brownie said...

It's easy to pick on the Frogs, but when they stormed The Bastille, it was to free the wrongly imprisoned.
If we Aussies had the same guts, we would storm Baxter Detention Centre and take home all those poor refugees who have committed no crime.