Tuesday, July 11, 2006


First we have an online game called Second Life. The game provides the software tools to design 3D avatars. The players can then write their own programme to create their own unique character, unique hair, clothing style, cars, boats, you name it. (That's me up there ruling my own world) But some gamers are using the the tools to add genitalia and erotic outfits for engaging in cybersex. After setting yourself up with the outfits etc. then you have to find a willing partner within Second Life's sex rooms. You can't just barge in, strangers aren't exactly welcomed even when you do find the sex rooms. Once in the virtual sex world the gamers can explore sex and fantasies which they wouldn't do in the real world. It sounds great to me, sitting at home with a shot of vodka, hair in curlers and a comfy dressing gown and indulging in 3D cybersex with someone 4000 miles away.

It didn't take long before games developers teamed up with the pr0n industry and released erotic multiplayer online games, like Red Light Centre. These games are sex oriented to appeal to players who don't know or don't have the time to create an erotic character and sex is online from the moment they sign up. The sex here stays inside the game. But a new game, Naughty America will tie cybersex to online dating. Subscribers fill in a questionnaire to set them up with suitable people and they'll use the cybersex game before meeting in real life. (My skin is crawling now)

In Second Life everything is created by the gamers and it is a second life away from reality so sex is not an official part of the game. The players like this aspect, a sort of forbidden fruit as it were which is more spontaneous than going straight into a sex oriented game.

Ren Reynolds, is a UK-based virtual world consultant and player of Second Life who says if you can get the obsessive passions of sex and game playing right, you can make a fortune.

That's what stopped me from investigating this cyber world, the cost. If I had that much money to have fun, I'd be running a permanent grogblogging floating party, better than sex.


Daniel said...

The human mind is a sewer. It can and does corrupt anything and everything.

Pardon me while I flagellate! God, the chain is cold. Get thee from me, Satan!

JahTeh said...

Daniel you don't have to do these little things for yourself, GIVE ME THE CHAIN!

Davo said...

If you believe in Cybersex .. then i guess you believe in the concept of god.

JahTeh said...

Davo, I'm just too lazy or too fussy for the real thing.

As for the "God" question, he, she or it is probably playing cyber games with us right now.

Davo said...

Ah, it's all a question of 'trajectories'. heh.

averagedrinker said...

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