Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sorry I'm not that kind of a blogger. I can't write about the killing of children. I don't care what nationality they are, they're children and they are dying. I've left comments around various blogs and that's as much as I can write. So I'll just ignore the elephant in the room that is the tragedy of the Middle East.

I am puzzled about this division between the Left and Right of politics. As I understand, the lefties are sooks and tree huggers, the righties are strong and patriotic. Stupid me, I thought we were all human beings.

I am equally as puzzled about the division between believers in God and non-believers in God. Why does it matter? The believers and the non-believers can and do kill each other. There seems to me to be as many 'Gods' as there are non-'Gods' in their strange belief systems.

While I'm puzzling, I might as well ask why loving a person of the same sex as oneself is considered not normal or evil or disgusting by lefties, righties, god-believers and non-believers?

I might as well throw this in too. Why aren't I built like Elle Mcpherson on the outside when I have the same body structure on the inside?

Perhaps life's puzzles weren't meant to be easy.


Anonymous said...

Good post
Good thinking

mei ultra vires said...

Love the abstract thinking. I'm the same with the killing of children - I feel a part of my belief in humanity die every time I see/read/hear another sad tale - can't bring myself to write further about it. But can't help wondering how much belief I have left.

What ever happened to live and let live? seems to have been some passing fad that never quite caught on!

And Elle Mcpherson - well I reckon I could have been her - If I had grown several inches taller, lived in perpetual diet - and NEVER breast-fed the children!!! enigma wrapped up in a conundrum I fear.

Daniel said...

I am now in the position where I believe that humanity is damned but instead of walking away from the whole catastrophe and saying a pox on all your houses, I find I'm still trying to change things, still trying to bring some sanity into the madhouse which is our world.

I must be crazy!

phil said...

Strong and patriotic is good and non-negotiable. Then there's the rest of us. We're just alternatively patriotic. Heh heh. Also, don't believe a damn thing that mei ultra vires says. She's 7 feet tall. And the other stuff...heh heh (again).

Link said...

Elephant in the room? I read it first here yesterday, heard the PM say it later in the day and then Phillip Adams said it again on LNL. JahTeh you are so cutting edge wielding your influence across the bandwiths. I've never heard this expression before, but yesterday it seems it was on everybody's lips--well anybody who matters.

JahTeh said...

I think I picked up this saying from the internet, in fact I must have since the only outside conversations I have are with little old ladies in supermarkets. So much for cosmopolitan me. I'm also happy to say I'm not patriotic, proud of some Australians but not flag waving let's nuke 'em patriotic. I don't even like football.