Sunday, July 23, 2006


Thanks to Ampersand Duck.


What handbag? I have a collection of huge over the shoulder calico bags. I bought the first two from GreenPeace and have replicated them ever since. I have been known to wipe out small children by swinging round too fast with no warning. A Sherpa would have trouble carrying these bags after I've been shopping.
So I have a plastic envelope containing pens and pencils and my hand made dictionary of science terms that I always forget.
Another plastic envelope with bills, scripts, bus timetables, train timetables and various plastic eating items plus sugar quills that fall into my bag at those little coffee places.
Mobile phone, which I'm always forgetting to charge but it's handy for the time since my watch died.
Make-up purse with tiny hair brush, lipgloss and teeny tiny mirror because I don't care to see my entire face in daylight, bits of it will do.
My purse containing the twenty or so cards essential for everyday life plus mum's cards and Power of Attorney so I can use them. Sometimes the purse even has money in it. (not often)

This was good for a chortle and a quick ignore of the swamp in the bottom.
The cat's fresh carton of whole milk.
My carton of uht skim milk because he won't have a bar of it.
Nimbin Cheese
Lovely big fresh apples

IN MY CLOSET (how American) WARDROBE (Aussie)
Stash of dress fabrics
Covered boxes containing my tiaras and headdresses from strange parties. I'm not kidding, photos were taken and will be posted.
Summer shoes neatly stacked in the shoe container. (winter shoes all over the bedroom)
Dresses, winter up one end, summer up the other and autumn/spring collection in the middle.
My cupboards are the only tidy things in this house. I've had seagulls walk in through the front door looking for the tip.

BandAids, lots. Never buy the clear ones, you can never see to peel the buggers off. Glow in the dark ones are fun except if you forget and look at your foot in the dark.
Betadine antiseptic. I decant it from 44 gallon drums. It works, true dinks, I haven't lost a limb yet.
Dead toothbrushes. Well for 95 cents they don't last forever but I just can't throw them away. They are great for cleaning the tile grout when I get to it, sometime in the next year or two.
Clarins face creams. I have a permanent lay-by at my chemist for these when the specials come out. I'd like to say I look like Linda Evangalista but I'd be struck by lightning for a lie that big.
Hair Dye or rather colour enhancement for my NATURAL colour and it's been so long since I saw my natural colour this really could be my NATURAL copper hair colour.

IN MY CAR. damn don't have one. IN MY CARPORT.
Four car tyres, no car.
Six potted plants, one living.
Twelve assorted gardening implements, rusty.
One garden refuse bin, empty. (I'll fill it in spring)
Big branches, cut off the citrus trees. I'm telling everyone it's a scientific experiment. (I'll get rid of them in the spring)

I hate these sort of memes. I usually have a blind spot about things that aren't fixed up around the house and now they're hitting me in the face everywhere I look. It will take a tremendous effort but I will resist the temptation to leave the computer and actually do housework.


Andrew said...

Can't wait for the party head wear pics.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Well Andrew, here's a sneak preview.

(BTW, this flickr collection is a ripper. Tons of hootworthy pics similar this one of JahTeh and her immaculately titfered chums.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

... f'r'instance.


Just one more.

Andrew said...

Very good HE. Just like my mind's picture.

JahTeh said...

Right you two, insure your most precious bodily parts for our next meeting.

Daniel said...

Most precious bodily parts? Now what would they be, pray?

JahTeh said...

After that comment at Lefty's, do the same Daniel, philosophically of course.