Thursday, September 28, 2006


If you can't have cake, settle for crumpet.


Zoe said...

Umm...are you reading my mind or something,Jahteh?
Look at what I wrote on my blog!!
He is prettier than mine though!

Andrew said...

My dear, you would be so overcome with nerves. Leave him for the professionals to handle.

Daniel said...

Hasn't this hairy guy heard about the drought or soap? Cheers!

JahTeh said...

Going to your blog immediately Zoe.

Get your own, Andrew, besides he looks young and in need of gentle womanly handling.

Daniel, nothing like clean fresh linen on the bed or a clean fresh man straight from the shower. Don't forget the expensive cologne.

Daniel said...

With human animals cavorting together the linen doesn't stay fresh and clean for very long. Plastic tarps might be more functional!

JahTeh said...

Daniel, I worry about you, who have you been cavorting with? Cleanliness is next to Godliness but what's next to Atheistliness?