Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This was taken over Yass last night and then the hailstorm hit Canberra. That's as far as I've got with the news today. I hope our Canberra bloggers are unharmed because I know they'll have been out in this to get some great shots.

I have some carbon credits for anyone who needs them. I was doing the ironing today and wondered if I was wasting water putting it in the iron or would I be better spraying it on the clothes, then ironing or going way back to when and sprinkling it on the items and rolling them up for an hour or so like my mum used to. That seemed to much of an effort so I just put the water in the iron but it's a small iron and I haven't got much ironing so there must be some carbon credits there for a big ironer (is that a word?).

I've got this ironing thing right down to practically zero. I hang my dresses up on the bathroom door, smooth down the fabric and leave til dry. Never iron tea towells except for the ones the cat eats off on the lounge room floor. Ironing takes 10 years off anything and as my tablecloths are heirlooms, I don't use them, they don't get dirty, I don't wash them so no ironing. There must be a saving of at least 50 credits there. Nightdresses are for emergencies only and I haven't had any emergencies so there's another 20. No husband, so no business shirts not that I didn't cheat with the Blight's. He was so rotund that I only ironed the fronts, by the time he got to work, he would have ironed the backs himself. That could be a good 200 credits there.

The only things I iron with loving care are my pillowcases, all 600 of them. Kidding, 200. I like ironing them now because they're mine and I don't dribble on them, snot on them or snore on them, like I said, no husband. I don't fold and iron in creases, effort and extra carbon emissions, just smooth them with my hands. Lovely silky soft cotton with pretty flowers and lace and no oily head resting marks. That will have to be minus credits there and I did iron a table cloth but that belongs to last year's carbon credits because that's how long it's been in the bottom of the basket.

I could run this country's carbon credit market without raising a sweat. What do we need John Howard for again?


BwcaBrownie said...

Congratulations on your sensible consumptions.

But don't get me started on the idiocy of a government who demands that I buy eco-globes, while every damn office building in every metropolis is lit up like xmas all night long, and while every football club trains under massive kleig lights (my neighbourhood club's lights allow me to read in my backyard at night in winter if I wanted to). etc etc

Andrew said...

And I thought I was the one who thought of ironing shirt fronts only. Not that I even do that now.

Davoh said...

mm, my mum used Flat-irons parked on a combustion stove. Can't think how much carbon went up the chimney from that exercise .. heh.

Davoh said...

.. everyone should walk around naked .. no ironing, washing machines .. heh.

Anonymous said...

JT, your methods are indeed quite commendable. Some people go much farther. I remember the beginning of the novel The Accidental Tourist, wherein the somewhat depressed, newly-divorced man learned he could do his laundry by putting it in the bathtub and showering while treading on it (that was the agitation part). Really humorous when I was age 20 and reading it in work of fiction, but then I learned this is the way blokes really do think.
And, Brownie's got it right: I use one lightbulb in my whole house at any given point in time, yet pubs and even some grocery stores have multiple TVs turned on, to an audience of zero. And nightime business outdoor signs. And so many street lights. And parking area lights. Why can businesses and institutions do as they please? Yes, the lightbulb thing is a token policy and is stupid.
BTW, does anyone know the science behind the fact that cotton bedding hung outside to dry smells so lovely? I pity the people who live in suburbs that prohibit outdoor clothes drying.

BwcaBrownie said...

Do we all love the report on Al Gore's home having an annual gas-plus-electric bill of $30,000 ?

RICH People aren't ecological and should all be killed to save the planet ?

My neighbour has 6 kids and a crap garden.
I am going nuts keeping trees and shrubs alive while not being allowed to use the amount of water it must take to bathe and launder for all those sprogs.

Big families are not ecological and possibly should be decimated to save the planet.

and thanks for the great photo CopperWitch - I can almost see the hand of THOR on that lightning bolt.

JahTeh said...

I used to sit on the teatowells while I ironed the rest of the clothes, flat as a tack and no effort.

So, Andrew wears ultra-tight T-shirts that show off muscles and don't need ironing.

Thing was Davo, back then we had trees to burn. I saw a collection of flat irons in some country museum and the human effort in ironing with these must have been massive.

Anon, that's how I used to wash the winter blankets and the bedspreads in the bath and stomp. I only had a little tiny twin tub washer back then which was pretty efficient and economical on water.

Ampersand Duck has photos of the hail on the ground, still inches deep even in the sunlight. It was a helluva storm.

comicstriphero said...

Mine are stormy comments, and not at all ironic (pun of the century!)...

Despite being in the 'eye of the storm', we managed to get out of it with only a shredded BBQ cover and some bruised cactii.

Pretty lucky.

Just about thought the world was coming to an end though when the hail was pelting against the windows. Brown trousers please.

The cat wanted to get out there and chase it though.

JahTeh said...

CHS, I don't think I've ever seen hail still on the ground the next day. He's a tough cat, Tobias.

Steph said...

Thanks for the only ironing the front tip! Awesome. I friggin hate ironing, oh and yeah, gotta help the planet and shit too. ;)

JahTeh said...

Steph, always give clothing the scrunch test. If it stays wrinkled pass on it unless it's absolutely gorgeous or 50% off.

As much as I hate ironing I hope we never go back to the polyester age. *shudder*