Sunday, April 01, 2007


My feet hurt because I walked 6 kms just to find out I've lost some more weight.

I really wanted to take off my dress to lose that .1 but I didn't want to frighten the horses.
No applause?
It's only been two weeks but there could be a slight cheer, a mild clapping of hands, a well done now get on with the big lose.
I need another incentive. I think I'll have one of those 'Starshots' done. This time they won't have to airbrush out the blubber, they can use it to fill the wrinkles.


Lord Sedgwick said...

You walked 6 kms, not good enough! You have to run like the clappers! (Silent as they might presently be.)

Anonymous said...

Hey good on you Jahteh - you go girlfriend! CB x

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...


Cheering like mad women...

Gay Curmudgeon said...

Go to! Go to!

After a visit to the doctor last summer I decided I needed to lose some weight. It took a little while, but I went from 80kgs to 72kg where I've been for more than 6 months. Still not at my healthy weight of 67kgs thhough.

My secret was no complex carbs (bread, rice, pasta, pastry, etc.) except for a piece of very good, very dark chocolate every other evening, and eating a lot of nuts (no comments from the peanut gallery thank you) as snack food. Very good for the, err, digestion.

I found that very small reductions in the amount I eat (reduction of 10% of just some foods) helped also.

Keep up the good work and don't let anyone talk you out of walking. The faster and longer you can go the better. Morning is a great time to do exercise as it can lift your metabolism through the whole day!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, You are doing really well!
I don't agree with rapid weight loss like on the 'Biggest Loser',it's very unhealthy.

I have a couple of tips that may make a difference,JT.

A reduction in the AMOUNT you eat at meal time, even if you are hungrier....healthy snacks throughout the day are better than large meals.
And absolutely NO soft drink. My neice always complains about her size but refuses to stop drinking soft drink which is LOADED with sugar.
Even drinking full cream milk in it's place when you get hungry is better because the milk will make you feel 'fuller' when you start to wither and it's unproccessed sugars are easily digested.

Hope this helps...Oh...and I think a 6km walk is absolutely AWESOME. You will be able to do more as your fittness returns remember, so just keep at it my girl. Slow and steady wins the race!

Cheering for you!

Meredith Jones said...

You're a star. Bravo (clapping feet & hands). 6k, jeez.

Anonymous said...

Well done! A bit at a time and before you know it you'll be where you want to be.

JahTeh said...

Running??? the knees, Your Lordship, the very expensive shiny knees don't do running, walking sedately is enough.

Cellobella, I insist you post anonymously, your name with be forever associated with tiny teddies.

Gay curmudgeon, I hope you've seen the news that TheMuriels, Kelly and Sam are expecting babyMuriel at long last. As for your weight of 67kgs, do you realise I have to lost a whole you?

Zoe, diet coke is my friend at the moment and fresh apples. I think I'm having sympathy cravings for Sam.

Meredith, you should have seen the slow crawl of that 6km at the end. The crunching and grating of the old bones could be heard for miles.

OoC, I'll never be in the delicate mould but it would be nice to see the scales without a huge sucking in of stomach. I hope the job interviews are flooding in and your cold is going.

phil said...

JT, Mrs VVB and I have been going for a walk each evening for the last few weeks. She's slightly the...other side...of 5ft tall and so she takes about 6 steps to my one, so it's hard going. But only last night she said how much more alert and alive she feels. Maybe not such a weight loss but some, certainly. So easy on the knees, but keep it up. And great to see your cheer squad performing as required!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work Jahteh. And not a tiny teddy in sight.

Anonymous said...

Well done JahTeh!!

I think the excursion to the weigh station is a very good idea - a weekly ritual. Plus it means you aren't obsessing over the weekly ups and downs.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Three cheers!

JahTeh said...

To show you how determined I am, yesterday I made 2 dozen egg and bacon pies and 1 dozen apple pies for Mum's freezer and didn't eat one. Thank you one and all for the hurrahs.

Link said...

No doubt you're completely diet tipped out, but here's anotherie. Get your roughage quota in the morning.
We're coming up to porridge time, I can only stomach porridge if its tarted up with dried fruit, (preferably soaked in a bit of brandy and orange juice), a dollop of yoghurt and a leaf of finely chopped mint, floating in soy milk. (Cow juice clogs the lymph node under armpit--ouch). Eat main meal in the middle of the day, and go high protein, meat is good for that, skip the spuds they take too long anyway. (apologies to the vegos for mentioning the 'm' word and the eating thereof).Then for dins a salad, rocket, avacado, capsicum, toms, lemon juice, balsamic, oregano, olive oil, a few olives and some fetta perhaps. Or a tin of chickpeas, tossed over some heat with garlic and lemon juice. Noodles with a sprinkling of cumin, clove of garlic, soy sauce and dry fried walnuts and a bit of sesame oil stirred through, mmm pretty tasty too, the nuts make all the difference, ain't it always the case. As you may have guessed anything that takes more than ten minutes to prepare is not really part of my food intake. And for your just deserts, bitter dark, proper chocolate, its really like a drug and difficult to eat more than a square also a bit too expensive to.

Slowly is the way to go.

You baked 24 (and the rest pies), I am agog with admiration JT.

You are loved and you will suceed.

R.H. said...

If you baked thirty-six pies and didn't eat one maybe you ate twenty.

JahTeh said...

No, no, no, never porridge. It wouldn't matter how many things I put on it to disguise the feeling in my mouth, I can't swallow porridge. My best diet tip, cook a heap of anything and eat it until it's gone, in other words 3.00 minutes tops in the microwave.

Rh, you wound me. I was very good but I don't think the pies made it to the freezer. Bless electric pie makers.

Middle Child said... make me laugh...