Sunday, May 20, 2007


Apparently I'm fat because I'm thinking fat thoughts.

Oh righty oh!

I should be thinking better thoughts.


That's better.

Anybody wanting a job in this Madam's high class establishment catering to middle-aged ladies and their needs, please apply to the blog. Must have good teeth, bathe in rose water and ability to keep a straight face is essential.

Damn, there goes my secret.


Stegetronium said...

Oooh I hate this 'you create what you think' stuff. Every time I have a twinge of 'Oh what if I lose the babies?' or 'What if they have disabilities, how would I cope?' I think 'Stop stop now it will be YOUR FAULT if it happens because YOU thought it!'

Thanks for your comments & well wishes by the way. Feel free to shout it on your blog - I would like that! Don't worry about trolls, I just delete them (and no, I don't care about freedom of speech - it's my blog)

JahTeh said...

I see Oprah has backpeddled from her enthusiasm for the book after a girl said she would cure herself of cancer by thinking it away.

I thought that fat statement was nonsense, I think thin thoughts all the time, it's just not working.

Ann ODyne said...

The Chasers War On Everything said it all for me on that "imagine it is yours and it will be yours" crap in their show last week.
It didn't work for them and it ain't working for me.
I have been imagining, planning, expecting and assuming for years to have my own isolated haven where all the other frightened and abused creatures can join me.

JahTeh said...

You're right, I mean we're both still thinking "holidays in England and everywhere by chauffeur driven car" and what do we get, Bourke Street.

Ann ODyne said...

Hi JahTeh - you have to swing by CameraFaces and read his Cast List post.

Anonymous said...

I saw that book in the window of an overpriced gift shop in Brunswick Street. For people with too much money and not enough sense.

Thoughts are important but presuming we can control everything by them is a dangerous thing.

She'll make millions of bucks.

Congrats to Mikhela and partner on their impending bundles of joy. Twins.