Sunday, June 24, 2007


This shop is wonderful for crystals of all types, fairy crafts or just looking. While you're there don't miss going to the back through the red velvet curtains and saying hello to Oracle the gold flecked ragdoll cat who sits on a purple silk cushion on a red velvet chair. A truly regal cat.

This is Leo, a bluemitted ragdoll cat and the closest I could find resembling the beautiful Oracle.


Ann ODyne said...

no offence to Catty di Caprio there
The Oracle of The 'Fras is a King among Kats.
His fuzzy brown mask had a long white blaze down to his nose and his mien was suitably superior.
His 2 blond handmaidens were as rivetting as he.
Dear Reader,
imagine I Dream Of Jeannie outfits, only more revealing.
I kid you not.
hot blonde chicks both with ze Frunch accents, bare feet, bare abdomens, gold-dust on the frightening and impressive cleavage ... and as if that is not enough - they were both REALLY NICE.

the entire experience was better than anything on TV.

all you have to do to see this, is arrive in The 'Fras to coincide with a parking space (no laughing - space is at a Premium there).

JahTeh said...

I tell you I had cleavage like that before gravity took over but I've still got the sparkly silver dust I used to throw around with gay abandon. Shouldn't have said 'gay' Andrew will want to borrow it.

Middle Child said...

Wowee what a cat! I just love cats and their attitude...

lookit my bloody word verification its a bugger

Lord Sedgwick said...

Reckon our much beloved Camera Face would be as much at home borrowing 'abandon' from 'gay abandon" as he would be borrowing 'gay'.

Whereas meself would be bent on borrowing your pre (or post) gravity cleavage.

Does that make me an indsicriminate tart? (Hope so.)

Lord Sedgwick said...


Oops - the 'i's have it - or rather, in this case, 'don't!'

("Another one thank you barperson, but this time only a big one.")

phil said...

Damn that is one fine cat. Obviously waiting for a bath?

Cazzie!!! said...

wow, what an awesome cat. My MIL has two white rag dolls, they are as big as a dog and weight as much also.

JahTeh said...

Good one Your Drinkship, I think I saw a horror film where the fingers operated independantly of the brain in charge. The hand strangled its owner in the end probably when the owner was looking down a cleavage.

They're beautiful cats Phil but Cazzie is right, they're the size of a large dog.

JahTeh said...

MC, you have to google ragdoll cats and you'll be missing for hours, they are gorgeous. As for word verification, I believe Lord Sedgwick makes them up.