Saturday, July 21, 2007


I took that test over at (shut up Link) and for once it was right on the ball.


You are not anti-relationship.

You just don't need one to be content.

You find happiness from your life as it is and if you find someone you love, then that's just icing on an already decadent cake.

'Decadent cake', make that decadent triple chocolate fudge brownie cake with whipped cream on top and ice-cream on the side. I love being single.


Link said...

If you're happy. I'm happy. (And there's no need for me to go to hyper-text-transfer-protocol slash slash//world wide web . . blog sumthing sumthing dotcom.

Link said...


Shelley said...

Does that test give any other response? Or do we all prefer being single?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....yummy yummy cake decription! The longer I'm single the more I can't tolerate being around others for long! Dunno why!

Getting rid of a slob makes most ppl happy hey Jt! ;~) XXXX

JahTeh said...

I've kept your instructions and I'm going to be computer literate one day Link.

Mr. Right is just waiting around the corner for you Nails, just make sure he's not the Mr. Wrong I got rid of.

Neo, you have the worst track record with blokes than anyone I know. Where's that wiccan intuition?

Shelley said...

Ew to sloppy seconds [or thirds or..]! Not sure I believe in Mr. Right, and pretty sure that none believe in me.

I'm a bit like Neo, actually. Make that a lot. I'm very protective about my space - a sure sign I've lived alone too long.

Ann ODyne said...

oh JT - delete his comment before your decision.

Yes nailpolishblues - we ALL prefer being single.

more room in the bed, never have to shave legs again, no fighting over remote, oh yes ... and ... autonomy.

Cake and autonomy.

Shelley said...

Cake is one of those areas where autonomy is a downfall.

JahTeh said...

Nails, I know what you mean about space, anyone in my life would have to live next door or down the block.

The soporific O'Dyne is right about the bed, the space, no slobbering on the pillow, no fighting about the sheets, no snoring and no saying you can't eat cake in bed.

Shelley said...

Down the hall at an absolute minimum. There is such a thing as sharing too much.

I am a firm believer in, at the very least, a room of one's own.

JahTeh said...

At a certain age, one should always have a room of one's own and down the hall is a good distance. They can't hear you eating cake from there.

Shelley said...

That made me chuckle. Actually chuckle. It was a little bit of an evil chuckle at that.