Monday, September 10, 2007


"Her nextdoor" came in this morning to check if my phone was working. She's on Optus so they were down.

I told her about the cat. She told me not to get another one as I'd had so many. Hers is on it's last warning about scratching the furniture or it's off to the big litter box in the sky. How sensitive she is.
My furniture is shredded and I'm leaving it like that.

Anyway, about the house prices.

The house on the corner went on the weekend for $460,000. I have a photo of it somewhere because it has the most fantastic Wisteria display in Spring but $460,000 for wisteria!
According to "Her nextdoor" our house prices around here have jumped $60,000 in the last 12 months. Sometimes I think she tells me this so I'll sell up and move.

This house is only small, 13.2 squares with a carport added on but I made the decision (expensive) to extend the tiled roof over it so it doesn't look added on. The land is fairly large compared to the McMansion blocks in the Mirvac slums nearby. The builder made a mistake and forgot to tell his workers that we were having a concrete slab poured. They'd already put down four courses of bricks for a wooden floor so that is the depth of my concrete slab not the usual six inches. I could build three stories on this and nothing would move.

The point of all this is that this small house with a now big price, was home to two adults, two kids, (son & nephew) 9 cats and three dogs. So why aren't builders building more?


Andrew said...

The hard thing is that your council rates will go up. Too many not wealthy people suffer from this.

Anonymous said...

$460 grand! Golly, If you sold up and moved to the country you could live like a queen off the difference in house prices!!!

Brian Hughes said...

$460,000 (Australian)? My God, that's almost £56.00 in British money. You could buy a decent sized cardboard box down Old Kent Rd for that price.

JahTeh said...

Rates are a sore point at the moment Andrew. No word at all from them about how I can continue to pay fornightly when AustraliaPost's Bill Manager shuts down at the end of this month. I'll be firing off another email to my local rep then.

Only if I could bring the house with me Neo. I've never grown tired of living in it, it's small but has space and light. I love it.

Ha, I could set myself up as an ancient ruin and charge tourists.

Middle Child said...

Its all so ridiculous...pricea..snobbery...all fo that and for most of us its the rates and repairs which worry us... doesn't seem like Australia any more