Monday, September 24, 2007


Usually when the council says a date, the rubbish is picked up about three weeks later but the truck was out bright and early this morning.
I'd found a few more bits and pieces but didn't make it and I wasn't going to yell out "hold the truck!" for a couple of place mates and tin trays.
I threw those in the recycle bin when a 'bing' went off in my memory. Something in the last jewellery book about beading trays. I went into shock. I'd almost thrown out something useful so it was headfirst into the bin and retrieve the trays. Mock velvet glued down and fraystop around the edges and I had two brilliant beading trays.
I didn't have any use for the two very big black spiders I found, in the laundry and in the pantry but not the white tail variety and I don't think I'll bother finding out what species. They were large. I put each one on a separate branch of the apple tree and watched the panic when they realised they were in the open. They're probably homing spiders and I'll find them back where they started.
I didn't throw out the expensive cat litter which he refused to use or the 12 cat dishes I found in the pantry or the spare carry basket. The minute I do, someone will dump a stray cat in my front gate.
I almost threw out the little round plastic outdoor table but anchored down with a four scoria rocks over the mouldering tree stump, a basin on top and the doves had a tolerable birdbath.
Sister took a walk around the Mirvac slum during her shift break last night. She couldn't believe the quality of their junk. Lounge suites, good chairs and a couple of pairs of skis. I never thought to have a rummage through there.
Next year, there's always next year.


Brian Hughes said...

"Mock velvet glued down and fraystop around the edges and I had two brilliant beading trays."

You should send that idea to Blue Peter.

JahTeh said...


Link said...

I once found a clothes drying rack, which I still have, completely made of pieces of dowel. It sort of cantilevers out and holds and entire load of washing. Its ingenious. I was actually lost at the time and took a wrong turn. I should say 'we' but I fought for it in the divorce and won. He got the house, I got the wooden clothes dryer.

Middle Child said...

I embarass my girls when I see a pile of stuff on the sidewalk..always want to go and have a real good rummage...who can tell ...its perfectly natural to scavenge...I love it!

iODyne said...

1. I always keep fraystop on hand.

2. Homing spiders: I visualise the opening scene of Ruthless People movie (no link, got to if you care)

3. on behalf of the birds, I thank you for the new spa.

4. I put MY skis out for the hard rubbish drive too.

Brian Hughes said...

Er...viz Blue Peter...long running children's magazine programme on British t.v. Infamous for encouraging kids to make crap Christmas presents for their parents out of washing up liquid bottles and tinsel. Also infamous for one its presenters getting caught on film snorting cocaine in the cafe. Can't say as I blame him really.

Anonymous said...

Damnit! I should have thought of doing that, could have used some new furniture. Then again I don't think I could drag a lounge suite up the train...ou

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

JT!!! We've changed computers and lost your email addy... please email us so I can put you on our photo list!!

JahTeh said...

Caroline those dowling racks are brilliant. My M-I-L used hers all the time and I was hoping to inherit it but the Blonde was an electric dryer type so it was probably chucked out.

MC, I saw a terrific garden pot on the way home but 2kms of carrying that and I'd be in it. There are some times a car is necessary.

Helena, I loved Ruthless People but I can't remember spiders, I'll go and look. Bird bath fell over, I need three more rocks and she'll be ace.

OoC, You don't need old junk, you'll be buying designer furniture and a Ferrari. A new job means conspicuous consumption of luxury items to help the economy or John Howard will cry.

Now I get it, we have those shows here. How to make a caterpillar out of an egg carton or a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Sedgwick watches them religiously and does remarkable things with old CDs. No good as beer mugs, there's a hole in the bottom.

Mail on the way for photo of beautiful Charlotte. Congrats girls, I'm so happy for you.

Brian Hughes said...

"Sedgwick watches them religiously and does remarkable things with old CDs."

Yes, I know. I've seen the video tapes that were used as evidence in court.