Tuesday, October 09, 2007



It's lipstick, lipgloss, lipglaze.

It's not LIPPY.

That is a ghastly leftover phrase from the far distant 1950s and as Parisite H would say, "So last century".

Imagine the elegant Audrey Hepburn in an elegant Hubert Givenchy creation.

Can you then see her open her mouth and say, "I gotta fix me lippy. Won't be a tick."


Repeat after me, "I am going to refresh my lipstick."

Blokes are excused from the exercise but not from using the lippy word.

I will instinctively kill, not maim, but kill if this word is used anywhere near me.

Now for something completely different. Is it 'fly' or 'flies'?

Since men have only one thing to hang out of it, I'm inclined to use the singular but I could be wrong.

Serious discussion is warranted.


Brian Hughes said...

"I will instinctively kill, not maim, but kill if this word is used anywhere near me."

Can't...resist...I'm trying my hardest...but...it's...too...damned...difficult...especially with you being so lippy about men's flies.

Ducks head into place where the sun doesn't shine (i.e. Bournemouth) and scarpers quick.

JahTeh said...

"Scarpers quick" is that anywhere near "Scarpers Flow"?

Well is it 'flies' or 'fly' and if it's 'flies' why?

An I bet you've had a bit of lip round your flies/fly in your youth, oh sorry, that's such a long time ago, almost antiquity.

Brian Hughes said...

"Well is it 'flies' or 'fly' and if it's 'flies' why?"

That entirely depends on whether you've had a bath recently or not.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Well is it 'flies' or 'fly'"

The relevant question is "Is it 'midges' (Exhibit A:- Hughes minor) or '2 metre wing-spanned dragon flies'? (Exhibition B:- ... ummm ... modesty forbids)

But back to your detested word "lippy". One of my fingernails down the blackboard of life words is 'nuddy', as in 'in the ...'. So preciously Mary Whitehouse.

Mindy said...

A quick google comes up with 'flies" but I can't find a reason why.

JahTeh said...

Perhaps it's Australian. I've read two books this week, English & American and both used 'flies' hence the curiosity.

Davoh said...

"Since men have only one thing to hang out of it, I'm inclined to use the singular but I could be wrong..."

Umm, dunno about everyone else, but if i search hard enough can find three thingos to hang out of the zippy opening in the front of my pants, so perhaps it should be called "tri-es".

(back to the mundane .. it should, I guess, be called "flies". One leg, one pantaloon (oh dear, that should set someone off) .. one pant. Two legs, two pants. The big flap that used to be on a pantaloon is/was similar to the fly on a tent. One pant, one fly. Two pants, two fly's. (oh well, that's my guess, am am sticking to it.)

JahTeh said...

Thank you Davo, I always wondered where the 'fly' came from but was too busy playing zips to ask.

Lord Sedgwick said...


I had you down for button up beauts. (So to speak.)

Brian Hughes said...

I had Sedgwick down for tights...those thick, wooly ridged ones that little girls wear for ballet lessons.

As for the comment about the 'midge'...in my particular case I prefer the old button up type because I'm packing the sort of tackle down there that you'd expect on a Higland Cattle stud farm...and there are no flies on them. Whereas Sedgwick, no doubt, has 'flies', plural, because anybody delving too deeply in that particular region would be opening up a can of worms.

BwcaBrownie said...

"what's that on your flies?"

"Your wife's lippy"

*cackles and runs away fast*

JahTeh said...

'tights..those thick woolly ridged ones', they're called 'leg warmers' and not betraying secrets but His Lordship would need the larger size.
Highland cattle tackle, post pictures, Cameraface will be judge.

Bwca, you can run but you can't hide, Google will find you.

I'm off buttons M'Lord, you can choke on those before you get to the good stuff.

JahTeh said...

I've got another three words, "My Fellow Australians......." if I hear that little rodent spout this once more it'll be a boot through the TV.

Middle Child said...

I call it lipstick but sorry its sooo sad ... I seem to no longer have any lips...its an Irish thing and hereditary