Sunday, October 14, 2007


Witches bottles are jugs, bottles, or jars filled with items directed toward a specific magical purpose, usually protective.

These bottles can sometimes still be found in the ruins of old houses. This spell will help you create a magically charged bottle to protect your home and property.

You'll need a small jar about the size of a jam jar. Fill the jar half-way with vinegar. Add some salt, a generous dash of pepper, and a rusty nail. Concentrate on your purpose as you fill the jar. Take the jar outside after night has fallen and bury it. As you cover the bottle with soil, whisper these words: Vinegar cleanses, Salt purifies, pepper stings, and the rusty nail protects. Let friends be welcome here, and let foes retreat.

Walk away and tell no-one about your bottle. The bottle may remain undisturbed for years, or you may repeat the spell occasionally if you wish.
In the light of what just happened at my front door I'll be up all night muttering in the moonlight. Gobsmacked, I'm still gobsmacked.

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Andrew said...

I think I am drunk. I am certainly confused. The clarity of daylight will offer all.

Link said...

dare I speak his name. The Blight fronted?

Link said...

You're not in the seat of Menzies are you?

Brian Hughes said...

I know all about witches' bottles. They were very popular in Mediaeval times along with hag stones (accidentally dug up Neolthic adzes that were believed to belong to the fairy-folk) that were hung above the bed to prevent hags from breaking in. What you haven't mentioned, and this is actually true and not me just being an annoying pratt at all, is that most witches' bottles/jars were filled with urine before being buried. Not something you'd want to dig up again at Christmas once it had matured.

R.H. said...

Why bother, Orange Crush is just ninety-nine cents a bottle.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, see the comments on the last post, short version - a ten-year-old mooned me.

Piss is not in my recipee and with my aim, never will be. I like the sound of hag stones, has a real ring to it.

Caroline, can never remember which seat it is but Simon Crean's the sitting member. Antony Green has his election website up at last and I refuse to watch any campaigning or should that be 'mudsling'.

Rh, have you no romance?

Middle Child said...

Que? Sounds good to me but I've had three glasses of the grape so who am I to say?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Witches bottles are jugs ..."

SHOW US YER JUGS WITCHY WOMAN! ... or dontcha have the bottle?

Go on do it, after all Wyreman flashed his Neolithic adze.

Middlechild. Only 'three glasses of the grape'!?! A teetotally unlapsed Methodist are we? (I'll drimk to thapt.)

JahTeh said...


MC, I echo M'Lord, only three but then women know how to pace themselves unlike aristo degenerates.

Davoh said...


Anonymous said...

10- year olds are the very devil. I do hope it wasn't one of mine.