Thursday, November 08, 2007


Who says the ABC doesn't know how to make a good headline? It certainly got my attention.

The sharks use a gel like substance on their heads to pick up electrical signals from the water.
The process is called electroreception and it blocks out the shark's other senses which is why it will go for prey that is bleeding instead of an easier target.

The gel contains various proteins and salts, so it's simular to mucus, only with a jelly like consistency. Basically it's shark snot (and you thought I was kidding) according to researcher, Dr. R. Douglas Fields.

If you want to know more before the swimming and chomping season starts take a look at

And before you lot start on the linking thingy, I tried, honest. My feet hurt too much to concentrate. I had to walk to the bus to go shopping because of all those stupid tarts taking taxis to the Oaks. Inconsiderate bimbos, I hope they all intend to go swimming with sharks.


Andrew said...

I'll think of you next time I see shark snot. Charming. I do like swimming and chomping season though.

Brian Hughes said...

I believe Spielburg is having to rename Jaws, Nostrils.

JahTeh said...

I aim to add to your knowledge Cameraface but if you can see shark snot you haven't much time to think.

One of my favourite films. I saw it at the drive-in with the little kiddies who whined about seeing it until I gave in. They spent practically the whole film clutching the back of the seat, terrified. Mother's revenge is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Walking to school with Boychild:
BC: "Mum, did you know that more people are killed each year by falling coconuts each year?"

I said that may well be the aggregate but as people who never go near a fruiting coconut tree but do sometimes swim in surf beaches, this ratio will not hold.

Anonymous said...

Now about the linking thing:

Go here and just copy that link to HTML goodies and use it as a template. You say you don't have time, but you can follow a recipe: this is just like a recipe, and I can tell you it takes a considerably longer time to follow a brownie or cake recipe. Also, it's a baking recipe rather than a main course kinda thingy - if you leave out anything, like a quotation mark or a > or whatever, it won't work. But as a person who follows baking recipes, this should be totally familiar to you.

You could paste HTML Goodies' example up by your PC.

Don't bother to read past the first paragraph if you don't want to - that sample link is all you need!

Lord Sedgwick said...

'I believe Spielburg is having to rename Jaws, Nostrils."

Saw that, as well the sequel, "A Weekend at Boogers".

JahTeh said...

Helen, I love you. That site is exactly what I need. I've had everyone giving me good instructions but that explains all the signs for html. I've bookmarked the page and one day I might be computer literate, one day I might put links in the sidebar. The heights I aspire too.

Sedg, I picked the Emirate Stakes quinella but the horse whisperer couldn't get to the TAB. *Sob*

Lord Sedgwick said...

That HTML goodies site is where, years ago when I barely knew how to turn on a computer (the #1 daughter made some flash cards with instructions on how to turn it on without blowing every fuse in the house) I learnt all my HTML bits'n'pieces.

Went through the entire Spring Carnival with my nose being the only thing I came close to picking. Therefore I wasn't on the winner of the Emirates, but the win by the sheila battlers (both the jockette and owner) and particularly the owner's reaction brought a tear (vs your *sob*) to me empty pockets.

(BTW, do like the word veriication "xnudl")

Middle Child said...

Sharks use snot hey...wonder what use Kevin Rudd must have for the ear wax he likes to eat.... tee hee

whatta you know not only do he and Howard look alike... but I saw pictures of the 2 wives and they could be sisters... same eyes and face types...scary stuff