Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What Type of Movie Would Your Life Be?

Your life would be a Horror Film. You question the metaphysical and are curious about the supernatural. Your imagination lures you to the dark side. You play with the idea of spirituality, but have yet to reach any definitive and absolute conclusions. While your mind constantly toys with things that seem to transcend the laws of nature, there's a part of you that remains firmly grounded in the world around you.
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Brian Hughes said...

My life would be one of those god awful East European movies originating from a country that's never seen a camera or a cinema before, as sponsored by Channel 4 to show its condescending attitude towards multi-cultural ethnic diversity whilst genuine talent sits festering outside the studio door.

Morgana said...

Yep, Thats you to a tee. Just need to accept that intuition cus it's spot on.
Ya know, I've said this before but if I could have a mother in law...or a decent mother for that matter.....I'd rather just adopt you!

In need of extra children at this point miss JT????

Love ya
MorganaZoe XXX

JahTeh said...

You're just snotty cause TimeTeam doesn't want you and thanks to you I keep getting distracted by Mick as a giant humbug. Last night just to really get my attention, he wore a striped beanie. Old bones just can't compete with that.

Morgana, fighting with your mother again? I'm starting to think that being incubated mightn't be a bad idea.