Saturday, December 29, 2007


The Recipe For Coppertop

3 parts Drive
2 parts Giddiness
1 part Energy

Splash of Tease

Sip slowly on the beach


R.H. said...

Rocket fuel, that's what you run on.

Brian Hughes said...

My own recipe runs:

One third acid, one third laziness and two thirds mathematical incompetance. Add a barrel of whiskey and leave to ferment for several decades. Finish with a slice of lemon wrapped in bacon...without the lemon.

Caroline said...

That was by far the most straightforward personality test, I've ever done.

JahTeh said...

You could be right Rh, I'm certainly built like an Apollo space craft.

It's so weird how these personality tests are so spot on.

Caroline, share?

Caroline said...

all I did was type in my name and I came up with . . . well I've forgotten now.

So was that it? Or have I missed something . . . again.

phil said...

"3 parts Bravery
2 parts Boldness
1 part Mania

Splash of Intellect

Finish off with whipped cream"

They got the mania bit right.

JahTeh said...

Finishing off Phil with whipped cream, now there's a thought.
By any chance do you wear shorts, socks and sandals?