Thursday, December 27, 2007


This is for Lord Hughes of Fleetwood. It's a new word I've discovered and it's from Yorkshire where all the good words come from. (shut up Fleetwood, I know youse is Lancashire) They don't gather holly there, they scroggle it, scroggling the holly in Yorkshire. I love it. Scroggling a dollar, scroggling a vote, scroggling the New Year booze. I think I've just moved 'grackle' down to second place. Scroggle has just scroggled first.

This is for Phil the car freak (can't spell enthusiast, oh just did). I bought my nephew a glossy car book for Christmas and naturally read it first as one does. I tell you phil I could never understand a bloke drooling over a thing with four wheels that goes from here to there until now. Classic Convertibles in full colour and suddenly I was in luuurve. I loved the lines of the E-type Jag but I'd need one for each foot. I'm talking from experience here, I got stuck in a formula one racing car once. Do not ask how I got out because I'm not quite sure how I got in. Anyway after going through the pretty pictures a dozen times or more, I decided on the Aston Martin DB9 Volante if I ever get thin enough to fit and in the meantime, a Rolls Royce Corniche in a lovely burgundy, not the flashy gold in the book, will do nicely.

Bug is still colonizing my innards but tolerated avocado and lemonade last night so tonight I'm going to hit it with Tofu and potato salad. Shopping for mother was the fastest supermarket trip on record, visit to her was second fastest and I slept for 3 hours when I got home. Safeway has all their chocolates at half price including Lindt and I didn't fancy any. Me, didn't fancy chocolate, me, I mean ME. Bloody virus.


R.H. said...

Lotus Elise.

(This week)

('61 Covette. Always)

R.H. said...



Excitement at the thought.

River said...

Tummy bug + potato salad = BIG NO-NO
With all tummy bugs any form of dairy and fat should be excluded for at least 24 hours AFTER you are well.
Hope you had a great festive season.

JahTeh said...

River, I've been sick for a week, but potato salad is fresh with soy mayonnaise and parsley. If it's not good for me then it too will pass.

Rh, it had two corvettes but a bit too sharpish in the lines for me. A third choice was the Alfa Romeo Spider 2000. It would be good if I knew how to drive.

Brian Hughes said...

They scroggle the sheep in Yorkshire as well. That's why they all wear wellies, so's they can stuff the back hooves down 'em to stop 'em from wriggling.

Ruddy'd think they'd won the War of the Roses the way they behave.

JahTeh said...

Here Fleetwood, how many teams are running around digging up pommyland. I was watching 'Battlefield Detectives' digging for artefacts of the Battle of Shrewsbury this afternoon and I'm surprised there's a piece of flat land left without a ruddy great hole in it. I tell you some of those long bow arrows were rather vicious. I'd have been great in the camo division, you wouldn't have found me to shove in the front row of battle.

Brian Hughes said...

There's a lot of 'em, I must admit...probably because there's so much archaeology still waiting to be excavated. At the last count there were something like 80,000 scheduled sites in England alone (and they're only the ones we know about) waiting for funding and/or the professional archaeologists to get over their hangovers and stagger into work.

Fortunately nobody's latched onto our little corner yet...apart from us, of course. It keeps us occupied when there's nowt on the telly.

iODyne said...

I'm scroggling the grackle

JahTeh said...

Right then as soon as I win Tattslotto Bwca and I will be over to scroggle some ruins (that'll be you) and look at archaeological sites especially any inside old pubs.

Davoh said...

That's why they all wear wellies, so's they can stuff the back hooves down 'em to stop 'em from wriggling.
Ah, an' here's me wonderin' where the EnZeds got it from.

Middle Child said...

Glad you are a chockie conniseur and hope that by now you are able to indulge... you may have become quite run down because of all the shit going on...take care if you can

JahTeh said...

"you may have become quite rundown because of all the shit going on.." oh very witty Therese. At least it wasn't self-inflicted so some sympathy was in order.