Sunday, January 20, 2008


I might have new Blogger and links but for some reason I can't use the search bar at the top of the page. Still two out of three isn't bad.

It has distracted me from the one thought in my mind for last four days. How to commit Matricide and get away with it. Apparently I can't and couldn't.

So I did the next best thing I yelled, a lot. Threatened her with "meals on wheels" too.

The BrickOutHouse is extremely ill but there's only room in the house for one illness, her's but even she's twigged now how bad his situation is.

Ross River Fever. Note the name. The first thing our doctor asked him was "Have you been near the Murray River?" He was sitting in it playing mosquito bait, as one does when it's hot and near a river. According to the doctor we could be seeing an epidemic of this.

Chills, fever, pains in the joints, body rash, splitting headache, muscle cramps, enough sweating to break the drought and this morning, something new, abdominal pain which was diagnosed as an inflamed liver along with a few other inflamed internal organs. We are waiting on a long list of blood tests, hopefully tomorrow.

At the moment we have one sick puppy on our hands and it isn't mother.


JahTeh said...

Before you lot start on me I realize I have to go back and put the dot com on all the blogspots. Now stop the sniggering.

Brian Hughes said...

"Chills, fever, pains in the joints, body rash, splitting headache, muscle cramps..."

It's probably a hangover then.

By the way, you've missed out all the 'dot coms' on the links. (What do you mean, I can't be arsed reading these comments?)

Andrew said...

A workmate had this years ago. Bad disease. Hopefully treatments are better now.

nailpolishblues said...

This is so wrong of me but people in the southern states picking up Ross River amuses the hell out of me. I lived within [and played upon, sometimes in the manner of Ratty] the Ross River for over a decade and never picked up the virus. Maybe it's because of the great respect the locals have for those evil plague carrying mosquitoes. Bitch of a virus though, still, at least it's not Dengue.

nailpolishblues said...

Crap, I really must stop commenting when drunk. I did not live within a river. I lived within a couple of hundred metres of a river.

Jayne said...

Hope all works out well!

River said...

Oh no. Poor you. And poor brickout house. He'll have to remember the insect repellant next time. Ross River Fever is a real b***h.

Lord Sedgwick said...
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Lord Sedgwick said...

Another attack of the post prandial trypos.

Now, before I rudely interrupted meself.

Lady Livia's brother has had a dose of RRF. Lives at Wentworth right on the banks of Darling where the mozzies are the size of said river's pelicans, so inevitable I guess.

But after a long period of discomfort, lived to tell the tale.

JahTeh said...

I deleted the links and lost my spider and my clock and still can't use the search bar.

Fleetwood, he's not a drinker either, can't bear hangovers.

Andrew, I've seen him with a kidney stone, an eight sided one and big, compound fracture of two bones in his hand and measles so bad that we had to blindfold him against the light but this has to be the worst.

Nails, his girlfriend was with him and was covered in bites and she's fine. I rather liked the idea of you 'ratting' around within a river.

Jayne and River, this can last up to one year with symptoms coming and going with the acute phase lasting up to two months.

M'Lord at the moment he's not too sure about the living part of it and we're having trouble convincing Ma how sick he is.

Brian Hughes said...

Not a drinker? That'll be why he's prone to infections then. Plenty of alcholol in the system kills all the germs's bound to, surely? That's my belief anyhow, and I'm sticking to it.

Middle Child said...

Jaysus....Mary and Joseph... I'm taking out a lottery ticket for you so if I win, you can have half and move hundreds of miles away from your problemes okay... or hire a hit man.